Comey’s Hillary Bonehead Play – Strangely Rekindles -‘OBAMA Birth ID Scandal’!

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The ‘Birther’ question gets reborn


FBI deceit over the Hillary scandal – as a result reignites the OBAMA birther scandal – Because we right now find CLEARLY the FBI is is corrupt and controlled by the CIA & NWO.

Let’s take a REVIEW how the truth of Obama’s FAKE birth ID and fake ID documents…. surfaced. WHO WAS THE ORIGINAL Birther?…Contrary to popular belief it was none other than– HILLARY CLINTON. No joke!


Inception of the BIRTHER and CITIZENSHIP scandal:


Throughout the Democratic Party’s 2008 presidential primaries, anonymous e-mails from supporters of Hillary Clinton appeared that questioned Obama’s citizenship in an effort to revive Clinton’s screwed up primary election campaign. These and various other chain e-mails during the following presidential election circulated rumours about Obama’s origin, religion, citizenship, and birth certificate.


Jim Geraghty of the conservative website National Review Online might have started further speculation on June 9, 2008, when he inquired that Obama release his birth certificate. Geraghty had written that releasing his birth certificate could disprove many rumors circulating on the Internet, specifically: that his middle name was originally Muhammad as opposed to Hussein; that his mother had originally named him “Barry” rather than “Barack”; and that Barack Obama, Sr. was not his biological father, as well as the rumor that Barack Obama was not a natural-born citizen. BUT OBAMA DECLINED. (Years later he released a photoshop forgery)…


In October 2009, anonymous e-mails circulated saying that the Associated Press (AP) had noted Obama was “Kenyan-Born”. The claims were centered on an AP account that had shown up five years earlier in a Kenyan publication, The Standard.


In 2012, posted a copy of a promotional booklet that Obama’s literary agency, Acton & Dystel, printed in 1991 (and later published to their website, in a biography in place until April 2007) which outlined Obama’s birthplace and states that Obama was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”


Nevertheless, little acknowledged in the blur of the several year scandal is the truth that investigator Stephen Sindoni really DISCOVERED the truth about Obama, and posted it online in 2011. Sindoni found Obama is NOT a US citizen, and – is NOT half black. He is Asian and from Thailand (and needless to say is a totally “managed” CIA puppet).



BARACK OBAMA’s ACTUAL PARENTS are Royalty in THAILAND. Obama NOT American, and NOT half black!


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