Dallas Mass Shooting Hoax Intensifies New Information Surfaces Mossad May Be Involved The War On Free Speech Has Begun!

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Evidence of Drill, Staging, Possible FBI Informant



A leading and seasoned INTEL source comments to us confidentially – “There are many earmarks the MOSSAD was involved in staging the DALLAS MASS SHOOTING HOAX of Thursday night.


It appears that Mossad might have even been the lead faction in the psyop..which undoubtedly ALSO included….DHS, FEMA, FBI, CIA, Dallas PD, and Dallas Mayor’s Office.


The suspicions tracing toward Mossad stem from the size of the drama, and the evil objectives for it to be maximally gory and emotion-wrenching in effect.


In addition the clear intent to have it trigger political impact. –CLEARLY, the goals of the hoax are multiple but the most insufferable one is to STIFLE free speech. — — You can effortlessly forecast there will be calls to RESTRICT protest actions to highly controlled and limited “free speech zones”. — — And also calls to restrict crowd size during protests.


There are also clues the “powers that be” will attempt to suggest the (fake) perpetrator was a fan of conspiracy theories, and therefore an attempt in the psyop to demonize truthers….But back to the MOSSAD suspicions.


If you glimpse at how- the creepy drama, and crafted narrative, and political focus -of earlier MAJOR Mossad psyops- were scripted, you observe why suspicions arise regarding Mossad for the Dallas drama. Take at glimpse at news coverage of two legendary MOSSAD terror false flags….. 9/11/01…and Munich 1972. Feel the likeness?”








The intelligently fake phony narrative the Zionists have infected the western world to keep engaging in self hypnosis to consider OH POOR ZIONISTS……A completely fake OH POOR THEM narrative:


False Flag Or White Shooters? Snipers Gun Down Five Dallas Law Enforcement Officers During Protest!

Dallas Shooting Hoax Is A Clear PSYOP – Update!

start at 2:30

MUCH MORE AND RELEVANT – start at 3:50 – Notice the fakery in that the POLICE during negotiations with a shooter would not NOTIFY THE PUBLIC WHAT THE SHOOTER IS SAYING — are you kidding me?! —

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