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Nice Semi Truck Loaded With French Weapons Headed For Syria: What The Main Stream Media Is NOT Talking About

Written by Will Walker

Nice Truck Loaded With French Weapons Headed For Syria: What The Main Stream Media Is NOT Talking About


We pledge to stand with our French friends against this scourge… We are going to destroy these vile terrorists…

-Barack Hussein Obama (Barry Soetoro)
Never in O’s 7 1/2 years in the Office has he used this language. Something has gotten under his skin with this particular terror attack. After his own words spoken in Warsaw, Poland in support of the Black Lives Matter movement helped to inspire the untimely deaths of 5 Dallas police officers, this Bastille Day Massacre has shaken our token president to the core. Why this attack? Worldwide Terrorism has become so commonplace under his presidency that he doesn’t even need his teleprompter anymore.





While the world rallies around what happened outside the truck driven by Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, what is being completely covered up is what was inside the truck: French weapons bound for Syrian Rebels. It was only 3 years ago when a British soldier was hacked to death in London as his attacker ranted to a woman with a cell phone about his motives. Yet, since no one wants to face the harsh reality of why people are doing these things, our media feeds us the simple story of ‘evil terrorists.’



As reported by, the Benghazi attack on 9-11-12 was in response to American weapons passing through the U.S. Embassy on the way to Syria. The spin doctors keep us focused on Killary’s ‘damn emails’ so that we don’t bother to question what classified information she was discussing.



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Sleight of hand…




Regardless of the politics involved, Syrians are PISSED OFF about the fact that their homes have been destroyed, their families slaughtered, and their children made sex slaves as they are caught in the cross hairs of a global chess board. In France yesterday, their voice was heard. Yet what they are screaming is still not being heard.


Except here, at FLI.


We didn’t start the fire. It was always burning since the world’s been turning.

-Billy Joel



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