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NWO-Created Tragedies Will Never End, Seek Truth!

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A Timeline Of The Illuminati Plan For A New World Order


Nice, France weighs heavily and brings home the point, tomorrow is guaranteed to nobody.

The awful mass-killing of Bastille Day celebrants in Nice, France may have been a planned PSYOP, but its effects are no less extremely unfortunate and equally shocking. We heard about comments made from friends of the truck driver that he was not that religious, was going through a divorce and was not handling it very well and seemingly snapped.

It matters not if that explanation makes sense in the wake of a mindless act of running over a hundred or so individuals, killing around 84, which may have included children. The dude was shot dead by police, so little else will ever be immediately known from the Tunisian identified mostly for petty criminal acts but no regarded terrorist affiliations.

Blame rests with the United States, directly, and more directly with the shadow globalists that runs U.S. war-creating actions around the globe. Decades ago, U.S. neocons plotted to destabilize the Middle East. At the same time, it was the U.S. that conspired to develop the European Union and demolish European national sovereignty. The globalists plans for a New World Order, utilizing the template of creating massive domestic and world Problems, watching the anticipated Responses of the masses, and introducing their ideal outcome in the form of Solutions, and the final Solutions were usually for their benefit and constantly entailed loss of freedoms for people and sovereign nations.

The world has to cope with folks like Kissinger and Soros. Highly visible advocates of the NWO, Soros specifically utilizing his ill-gotten wealth to subsidize numerous organizations that are produced to disrupt societies around the world utilizing his nonprofit Open Society Foundations. We keep stating to always follow the money. In our viewpoint, Soros is one of the leading sources that targets and funds organizations that produce fractionalizing elements all around the globe to generate distractions and polarization. Kissinger utilizes his political might to further the NWO agenda in no less a dangerously and fractionalizing manner.

Back to Soros. He is alleged as being one of the primary money sources responsible for permitting the migration of so many Muslim immigrants flooding into Europe and generating enormous problems for the folks of Europe. Disgustingly, the heads of many European countries, especially German Chancellor Angela Merkel, are the marketing agents forcing countries to take in displaced Muslims, Muslims who have no desire in integrating themselves into polarized Western cultures.

Back to the United States. This country has attained the reviled status of being the most threatening nation on the planet. No other country has done more to demolish the Middle East than the US. No other country has done considerably more to ruin Europe than the US. No other country has done more to destabilize South America than the US. No other country has done more to wreck the lives of American citizens than the corporate federal government of the US.


Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries
Country Threat Index (CTI)
Interactive World Map

Based on Terrorist & Rebel Activity Over Past 30 Days as of 14 Jul 2016

IntelCenter’s Country Threat Index (CTI) examines the volume of terrorist and rebel alerts, messaging traffic, videos, photos, incidents and the number killed and injured in a country over the past 30 days and runs it through an algorithm to assign the country its CTI. The higher the CTI the greater the risk.

The top 10 most dangerous countries in the world based on terrorist and rebel activity over the past 30 days as of 14 Jul. 2016 are shown below with their CTI rankings and score. The map above shows the CTI scores for all countries. You can see the CTI score for each country by hovering over it. Up-to-the-minute CTI rankings for all countries are contained in the IntelCenter Database (ICD).

Rank Country CTI Score
1 Syria 803
2 Iraq 681
3 Afghanistan 309
4 Libya 287
5 Turkey 214
6 Somalia 213
7 US 153
8 France 131
9 Bangladesh 116
10 Nigeria 103
There are a total of 50 countries with a CTI greater than zero. The average CTI for these countries is 77. The Global CTI is 3,839.


The whole European Union is run by overpaid sycophants that wouldn’t in any other case be qualified to hold a regular job or get elected to anything else. Their positions are given to them so they can serve the globalists and not sovereign nations. What a wreck that part of the world is. What a chaos the Middle East is. What a screw up it is within the United States. This is how the elites operate.

Nice, France is an shocking illustration, an incredibly sad indicator of all that is going bad thoughout the world, all in the service of the NWO Problem, Reaction, Solution template that is ripping away the fabric of independent human existence, all in the service of a mentally deprived, psychopathic elite 1/10th of 1% that desire to control the money, which they do, and cull the population of the world, perhaps by a few billion more people, which they are doing through war, chemtrails, forced vaccines that produce deaths, chemically treated world crops that are nutritionally useless and damaging to the immune system, poisoning whatever can be poisoned to reduce human independence, substituted with servile dependence on the NWO.

New World Order tragedies will by no means end. Believe it.


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