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NWO: A Second Wolf Caught Inside The Trump Campaign Property!

Written by JayWill7497

NWO Terrorism Plotters Are Lingering And Penetrating The Trump Campaign



A 2nd wolf inside the property was observed lingering all over Republican President Candidate Donald Trump.

At first glance Micheal Flynn seems like an intelligent simple, worried American, is currently outed as an NWO neocon embed agent.

Through the absurdity he said to the press Friday about the “Nice France psyop.”

This man is expected to be an Intelligence Expert.

The person would have recognized within just fifteen minutes of the story breaking “Nice Truck” was a “bogus event, a psyop”.

For Micheal Flynn to leap out and say, “Nice Attack Will Reveal ‘Big Connection’ to Radical Islam”, is fake toxin diffusion.

What Mr. Flynn said implies he is absolutely “bullsh*t.”

He is dangerous.

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He is an installment.

An N.W.O. agent!!

As well as an individual on our team, just figured out Flynn’s NWO “handler”.

Its 1 of the 9/11 plotters. Flynn is Palls with General Richard Myers. General Myers is the person who directed the air force stand down to enable the 9/11 attacks to take place. Myers is a 9/11 terror attacks plotter!!

Look at this:

Awake Citizens Convert Myers throughout the nation regarding his role in 9/11!!!!

The Immposible Story of 9/11, literally absolutely nothing is sensible!

About Mr. Myers and his Involvement in the 9/11 terror plot.

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Editor’s word , “Since this hearing above it has been learned DOD had an absurd and bizarre total of 46 WAR GAMES , not four, but forty six !!” Running that morning, making USA air defenses UNABLE to respond, normally. MYERS was in charge of that deliberate mess. He should have been court martialed for authorizing all those war games the same day.”

More on Myer:

So Micheal Flynn is a Puppet a of 9/11 terrorist and mass murder conspirator. He is therefore an agent for the NWO/staged puppet, hanging close to team Trump, in search of integrating.

Note now!! I mentioned up top ” a second wolf was observed in the yard lingering around Republican President Candidate
Donald Trump.”

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The very first one observed is Michael Glassner, Donald’s “Political Advisor”, who is currentlyin the house.

Mr. Glassner is a Zionist, a former lobbyist for Israel & Mossad.

Plus he is the man who brokered the bargain to give Larry Silverstein the WTC towers just many weeks prior to the 9/11 attacks. He’s a definite co-conspirator in the 9/11 terror plot.

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Nice Semi Truck Loaded With French Weapons Headed For Syria: What The Main Stream Media Is NOT Talking About

“The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies” was written by Micheal Flynn with Michael Ledeen Mr. Ledeen is a war Hawk neocon secretly sponsored by PNAC operatives.

The globle war on Terror is a hoax meme. This war is an enormous scale PSYOP ‘false flag game’ ran by Israel and Mossad together with the CIA, Mi6 and NATO. Its an satanic hoax.

So Mr. Flynn is an installed agent for Israel/CIA/NWO, to ‘brainwash’ Americans directly into more war, an unneeded and breathtakingly expensive war. He is a sitanic agent at the rear of a detritus personality.

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If you want to discover how Fake the ‘ISIS story’ is from USA diffusion, look for a few moments at this clip commencing at 2:00. This is a farcically, supposed to be an ISIS Training Camp. Nonetheless, its created to appear like the U.S.A. Army training. ISIS isn’t”training” Mixed Marcheal Arts fighters like that. It is a unfastened rag tag militia .The U.S.A. Government just gives them guns and informs them to shoot.

This clip is fake nonsense.
begin at 2:00 for several seconds –

Now to exhibit to you how phony Flynn in reality 2:30 in this clip he makes the unrealistic claim Iran and North Korea are assisting ISIS. Iran is Shia, ISIS is supposed to be Sunni. That is an insane, and false statement. He is a crack pipe.

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What about North Korea? Get friggin serious! Why did he point out these two nations? These nations are the only two nations left on earth where the Rothschild Cartel does Not Yet have there claws into them via central banking control. Consequently the Cartel desires an explanation to do regime modification in those nations. This Flynn dude is an agent of the Cartel, as well as their “psyops teams from Mossad /CIA.”

One patriotic Intel agent stated to us: “The story of Flynn rendering controversial testimony on Capitol Hill and his subsequent firing by Obama SMELLS LIKE A PSYOP to set him up as a credible foreign policy voice, to walk the USA back into Mideast War. Similar to how the COMEY incident during GWB years was a psyop, to set him up for later credibility as FBI chief. One thing is for sure, if Flynn is buddying around with MYERS, he is under the thumb of the NWO 9/11 terror plotters. He’s an evil guy, with a smooth cover.”

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