Stunning! Mystery Over MH17 Photographs On The Second Anniversary Of It’s Crash

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Evidence Proves Exactly Who Shoot Down Passenger Jet MH17 “WAS DOCTORED,” A Breathtaking New Report Is Discovered.


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Two years ago today a Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 venturing from Amsterdam to  Kuala Lumpur did a nose-dive
thirty two thousand feet when traveling above the Eastern Ukraine.

That killed all two hundred ninety eight passengers on board.

Get this ONLY the captain and 2 crew members died immediately after the initial boom.


The remaining two hundred ninety five individuals on board were alert for a horrific ninety seconds while they plunged through the air, and 1 body was discovered on the terrain wearing an oxygen mask.

A Russian Buk Missile struck the left side of the cockpit.

Triggering the passenger jet MH17 to separate in mid-air prior to it crashing close to Torez in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine; spreading limbs for numerous km.

Within just days the Russian Defense Ministry produced “proof” that “appeared” to confirm Ukraine rebels targeted the Boeing 777.

Get this!

A brand new report was currently published claiming that the photographs they published were “so intensely altered that they lack any reliability as evidence”.

The explosive accusations encompasses 3 “key pieces” of evidence.

The 3 key pieces of evidence contains a picture that Russia published of smoke billowing over the Ukrainian spot where Russia lay claim that the missile was launched.

The ultimate clue centers on a collection of satellite images of the supposed launch site that were publicized by Russia immediately after the tragedy.


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