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Videographer Reports – “Baton Rouge Shooting Complete Garbage, A Drill, Staged Event”!

Written by JayWill7497

The cops are a “standing army” and they want to be armed like an army.

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Another clearly staged drill carried out by Police, FBI, and DHS in Baton Rouge LA. The Patsy who allegedly killed 3 cops is called Gavin Long.

I think the point needs to be addressed for the reasons of disarming the people , the reason for this is so the military will succeed in rounding up everyone and then its termination time.

The cops want C4 explosives, they want APC and Humvee’s with .50cal, they want tanks, they want grenades and shoulder fired rockets, they want to be the standing army that they really are, that’s what they want. And they are going to get it, they don’t care if we know it is a hoax, they want the guns and the tanks, and they are going to get them. The cops are a “standing army” and they want to be armed like an army.

We need to find someone willing to arrest and prosecute these people- these bad cops- shut down Masonic lodges-arrest crises actors and make them turn over their handlers and whomever gave them orders and instructions etc – perhaps US Marshals.

The same goes for these treasonous major news networks that have been in on this stuff since 9/11, and, indeed made it possible-which it wouldn’t have been without them.

The thing is they are owned by known Zionists, and since 9/11 has now been INCONTROVERTIBLY proven to have been a Mossad run op (with the help of M15 and some traitors in our government with dual citizenship Israeli/US & our military etc) – it is only obvious that the networks have been in complete collusion with the false flag traitors up to their bums.

The forensic media evidence bears this out in lie after painfully insipid lie- and one catastrophe of horrible Hollywood fakery, acting, and bad physics after another.

The great thing about the media is we can arrest the owners and ceo’s and seize their financial assets as well as actual broadcast stations.

We can then use them to broadcast truth.Treason is a capital offense with capital punishment and there are precedents for such asset seizures.

They weren’t even supposed to have the FCC renew their licensing after WWII for NBC ABC and CBS- but in the interests of winning the war- they were extended by FDR’s administration till after it had been won- at which time they were supposed to lose their licensing rights in order to prevent monopolized media institutions becoming some monster of a fifth estate or such thing- and yet it was ignored up till Obama just forced it to be rubber stamped by the FCC that they get to keep the networks instead of reverting to the people as the law had been written.

Indeed the press has become something that needs a check and balance of its own to protect journalistic integrity and keep it vibrant and a watch dog- once we scrap the entire patriot act and reinstate the constitution and the new deal type anti monopoly and speculating laws that had prevented another depression since the thirties literally until bush his father and this chucklehead Obama went to Glas Steigal et al with an axe wielding toe curling psychotic anti American glee.

To ever hope to save the republic our constitution needs to be reinstated and made healthy and well. It should be easy- every damned thing they’ve (BOTH PARTIES) done has been 100% illegal and unconstitutional.

At this point the ongoing investigations and arrests would fund themselves and a live streaming update that is genuine and based in reality for a change would finally start pealing the veils back from the sheeples eyes.

From there we could sieze Israeli assets for their involvement in 9/11 and arrest all these despicable “dual citizen” Jews who have perverted justice by chairing the Congressional Investigation into 9/11 and derailing any real work of Justice.

These folks need to have their citizenship stripped for life- as well as any and everyone involved shall- be barred from serving in government or our armed services or Intel for life and be deported immediately.

Tarring and feathering may be an attractive option to consider.

We need stronger conflict of interest laws for officials in DC never to be able to profit like Cheney did off his position or people he partnered with in setting up TSA scanners after 9/11 and their slamming thru the patriot act.

That’s illegal already and woefully un prosecuted.

Something that should be immediately rectified with the filing of charges- for current and former officials.

The two parties shouldn’t be able to share presidential cabinets loaded with people from the Bildeberger, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Corporation or current and former (especially not “current”!) employees of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch- etc.

Especially at a time when Obama is elected promising to rectify excesses of Bush and the Banksters and then instead he keeps Bush’s cabinet almost 100% intact.

And then- instead of saying no to the banks as he promised his constituents- he allows the former and current Wall Street staffers to literally help the damned banks write their own loans out of bankruptcy instead of bailing out the average US Citizen and calling him and her “too big to fail”.

Presidents should be forced to keep their campaign promises when possible.Lawmakers should NOT be allowed to use their office to hold businesses at gun point for donations in order to get them to vote or hold hearings etc etc…

We should immediately investigate the Bildebergers, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Corporation for improper influence peddling.
The Fed should not only be audited- but it’s assets seized from the Queen of England and Baron Lord Rothschild- who have illegally wormed their way into seizing our sovereign right to print our own DEBT FREE currency- and they’ve used this to bankrupt the country and enslave Americans with debt.

We need an amendment to the Constitution that never again will America be allowed to let a private bank, (which is masquerading as a Federal Reserve bank that is neither federal nor maintains any reserve whatsoever), to hijack our sovereign right to print our own debt free currency.

As Lincoln said it is the governments right and privilege- indeed its duty- to safeguard this prerogative and ensure a debt free deficit free nation and people.

Lincoln and Kennedy both printed debt free money and both of them were assassinated by Rothschilds and their patsies.

We can do the same to the Fed and the .01% who it is said this year will finally own 99% of the worlds wealth and resources.

whilst the REST of the BILLIONS AND TRILLIONS OF US, (whom they use these false flag attacks as Hegelian Dialectics to divide and rule), regardless of our race creed or preferred political affiliation- are all so lucky as to get to SPLIT BETWEEN ALL OF OURSELVES AND EACH OTHER- the tiny measly 1% of LEFT OVER crumbs, that the oligarchs simply haven’t found a way to steal from us yet and snorkel up.

That is literally impossible for us to visualize- psychotic gluttony on such an insane scale- but it could change the world and open up a whole new paradigm.

Indeed if we can share 1% between us to varying degrees- we can only dream of imagining what it would be like to have NO .01% selfishly hogging 99% of the wealth. Instead we can evenly distribute it and put it to healing the planet. overnight poverty and crime (which only is a symptom of poverty) would be solved.

It can be invested into funding of new green industries and zero point technologies.

there is irrefutable proof the .01% has shelved via dirty tricks and even murder and espionage.

Do not believe for a second the old lie that the .01% and people like Rothschild have EARNED the 99% of the earths resources they’re psychotically hoarding.

Once again it is important to absolutely stress the cold harsh fact that there is literally no way to control that much of the worlds wealth without completely lacking in human empathy and common morality or resorting to murder genocide and espionage, as was noted above.

A truth and reconciliation committee should be set up for those of the .01% or suspected traitors who are willing to cooperate in exchange for lighter sentencing – at least perhaps less harsh- however there will be no compromising on their lifetime ban from citizenship or service in government or military or world business and economic matters.

Nor in the complete seizure of their insane and inane hordes of wealth.

Period.Thus this is an opportunity for us.

We need to unite all the people on here together who are sick of these false flag events and start an occupy .01%’s false flags movement.

There’s no way they can stop us and they know it and are p* < <*ng themselves.

We should write to our congress people and demand they take action or be lumped in with those who were co conspirators.

Same with the police and our prosecutors etc.

We should keep thinking of ideas like this and refining them and tweeting them and writing to each other and the snowball effect will become a landslide inevitably if we only believe and put our hearts into it.

Remember- it only took 3% of the colonists to win the American Revolution of 1776- and while all of us may not be awake yet – beyond a doubt there’s way more of us than THAT! Don’t ever forget- they are the pathetic little weaselly .01%… WE are the mighty 99%! They’re stinking RATS. Send them a wake up call: We’re awake and we see you…Snake Eyes 99%-Don’t Tread on Me!

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