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Blood Moons, 322, 8th of AV, Georgia Guidestones More Evidence Points To Impending Distaser

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Orlando Night club shooting another Illuminati Blood Sacrifice , False Flag , Hoax bringing us one more step closer to the New World Order
Orlando Attacks Hoax , 911, 33 , 322

Blood Moons, 322, 8th of AV, Georgia Guidestones.
After the initial sensationalism dies down, people tend to forget what many of the astrological signs that portend the future really mean. These omens should not be taken lightly since they have forecast dire events in the past.

It is an ‘open secret’ that the real rulers of the world are deeply involved in the occult and numerology and they will often act in accordance with astrology and numerology. It is interesting to note that the Georgia Guidestones were erected on March 22, 1980, or ‘322’. ‘322’ is an occultist number.

‘322’ is the number of the occultist Yale fraternity where many of the top people in politics and business come from. It also has been 36 years since the Georgia Guidestones were erected in 1980. 36 is a very significant number since 36 ties into ‘666’. All the integers from 1 to 36 added up equal ‘666’. 6 X 6 is also 36.




Great Pyramid at Giza is 5776 inches tall, and the Illuminati have been using the uncapped pyramid as their seal for 100’s of years and this all points to the year 5776 (2016). Also the Freemasons and skull and bones and all the other secret societies have their number 322 in their logos assuming it all pointed to March 22nd.

It’s 33 years since the Georgia guidestones were erected and it’s been 3 years that Obama stood in Jerusalem/Bethlehem!

The Illuminati have been planning. More and more evidence keeps coming to the surface. And with everything that’s happening in Syria, is this going to be the start of World War 3???

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