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What Else Don’t We Know About Hillary’s Health?

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Reports about Hillary’s health is overwhelming. In this video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports Hillary Clinton lied about a secret Surgery and Brain Scan to the public.

Point 1. There is no reason to believe that any information provided by or about Hillary or her campaign staff is anything more than a tissue of lies and misdirection.

Point 2. Hell will have foot deep permafrost before Hillary allows anyone in any way, shape or form to have access to her medical records except as she sees fit to release redacted versions.

Point 3. It was heat exhaustion and dehydration before it was pneumonia. They should make up their mind which spin they want to use. Point 4. What was recorded was more like a seizure or epileptic episode than any symptom of pneumonia, heat exhaustion or dehydration.

Phoning in to her favorite news network CNN Monday, Hillary Clinton said that she didn’t publicize her health problems because she “didn’t think it was going to be that big a deal.” Then again, what is a big deal to Clinton?

The Clinton Campaign and her Doctor have just released updated information on Hillary’s current health status with obvious fallacies.

The Kelly File 9/12/16 full episode: Hillary Clinton faints and Democrats are panicking over Hillary’s health and may be considering a back up! Congress issues a new FBI Subpoena for Clinton Files, Guests Judge Andrew Napolitano and Chris Christie talk to Megyn Kelly. Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump supporters deplorables and Donald Trump takes advantage of the comment and attacks back at the insult to millions of American Voters.

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