Hillary’s Health Is A Media Scandal!

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ABC NEWS REPORTER reports Hillary’s HEALTH to now be a central concern in the campaign.

Nazi News media is manipulated from the top down in a variety of ways, some of them slight, some not so simple.

On a delicate concern like Hillary’s health problems, most reporters and anchors take cues from the behavior of their peers. If the official line is Hillary really does not have Parkinson’s or Vascular Dementia and she has allergies, or pneumonia, or over reaction to chocolate, or measles, or bee sting reaction…well, many will be sheep and go along with that.

But Monday morning here we observed the sketchy uncertainly that can be on an early morning news show right after a news drama on Sunday. It would a little evident for news execs to call all their air talent Sunday night and mention COVER FOR HILLARY.

Consequently, network news folks came in raw for ABC’s GOOD MORNING AMERICA, and one of them, CECELIA VEGA, doing a item on Hillary’s collapse…stated the noticeable. Hillary’s health concern is not a conspiracy theory, its real and its currently a central concern in the campaign.

Oops, did she realize that’s not what execs would want? Hmmmm… good look Cecelia.

The Politico post on Hillary’s health scare starts with the line, “Hillary Clinton’s health — long the obsession of conspiracy theorists — emerged last Sunday as a genuine campaign issue.”

A Washington Post column by Chris Cillizza hit a similar note. Publishes Cillizza, discussion of Hillary’s illness “was largely confined to Republicans convinced that Clinton has long been hiding some sort of serious illness. I wrote dismissively of that conspiracy theory in this space last week.”

As this episode makes shateringly clear, to report truth that the media chooses to suppress makes one a “conspiracy theorist,” at least until the truth becomes too evident for the media to dismiss. The paradox is that if there were no prior health occurrences, Hillary’s collapse on Sunday would not have been much of a problem. Alternatively, it is a major concern, perhaps the dominant campaign concern, only because the conspiracy theorists chronicled Hillary’s previous problem moments.

Currently, they call folks who report the truth ahead of time “conspiracy theorists.” A generation ago, the operative word was “reporter.” Hmmmmmm……………
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