End Of World 2016: Doomsday On October 31?

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While others believed that July 29 was the end of world 2016, they are incorrect. With that, new conspiracy theories have surfaced stating that October 31 is the new doomsday.

Since it is evident that July 29 is a wrong end of times prophecy, a YouTube video has appeared unveiling a new date. Nevertheless, the video is obviously the same that End Times Prophecies shared on July, but the title was edited and changed to October 31.

What The Video Says
The video, titled Why The World Will End Surely on 31 October 2016? Shocking Facts, proclaims that the second coming of Jesus Christ will occur at the same time when the magnetic polar flip takes place. They also declare that the polar flip will trigger a catastrophic global earthquake.

“The Earth will crack and shatter and split open,” states the video while a robotic voice of a woman speaks up. With the narration comes simple animations, as well as bible quotes.

It included that the Earth will stagger like a drunk and will sway like a hut in a storm. This will occur because the planet is already weighed down by its sins, and it will collapse and never rise again. The almost 18 minutes long video already received nearly seven million views as of this writing.

But needless to say, this is not the first Armageddon prediction. Many reports about doomsday already spread years ago. For this year, there were already two dates that were purportedly the day when the Earth’s time ends.

End Time Prophecies once predicted that an asteroid would hit the planet on May 6, but of course it did not occur, and then predicted it once again for July 29.

Aside from that, they also mentioned that Barack Obama will reveal that he is the Antichrist in June, which also did not materialize, Ary News reported.

So, what do you believe about this unending doomsday predictions?

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