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While it’s effortless to turn lights on, lock doors, check humidity levels and monitor energy usage in your house with your smartphone, those conveniences come at a cost; even anything as seemingly benign as monitoring calorie burn with a connected device can lead to a breach. Billion dollar companies are having a difficult time shielding themselves against hackers, insider threats and data leakage, let alone a single device in your house. Amazon Echo is featured.

 Earlier this month, the Yellowstone River made national headlines with the news of an unprecedented fish die-off in its usually healthy waters. Starting in mid-August, biologists counted 4,000 dead whitefish floating on the Yellowstone or washed ashore, but they estimate that the true number is in the tens of thousands. As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve recently spotted rainbow trout and Yellowstone cutthroat trout—both economically important species—go belly-up as well.

 As aftershocks continue to rock the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island following a 7.1-magnitude earthquake, some are asking if the emergency response was fast enough.

 Bernie Sanders is standing by Native Americans protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

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