Gas Shortage Hits Widespread In Multiple States, Pumps Running Dry!

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The High Country is expected to be impacted by a gas shortage, joining other areas along the east coast.
“We received a delivery of 5,000 gallons an hour ago (about 1 p.m.), and we’ve already sold 1,000 gallons,” said Emily Ham, a gas attendant at the Quality Plus gas station in West Jefferson, on Sunday, Sept. 18. “So we’ll be out soon, and we’ve been told that another delivery is not guaranteed.”

According to Ham, when Quality Plus does eventually get more gasoline, it will be more expensive at the pump, though the exact increase is difficult to determine at this time.
“My supervisor told me that this could impact us for up to a month,” Ham said.
The recent gas shortage isn’t just isolated to Quality Plus or the High Country; the entire East Coast is projected to be impacted, particularly North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia.

The cause of the shortage is a leak that has closed a crucial pipeline that carries gasoline to the eastern United States.

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