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NWO Laughs In USA’s Stupefied Face Over NYC Bogus Bombing “HOAX”!

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Push Pencil plot for the psyop fakery of the HOAX BOMB in NYC consists of some supposed rubbish about pressure cooker bombs and Boston Marathon. Obviously as all intelligent folks understand by now BOSTON MARATHON was a hoax and there were NO pressure cooker bombs – they were what is referred to as FLASH DUST BOMBS, Hollywood style special effects. SAME WAS DONE IN NYC, special effects bombs. No pressure cookers exploded in Manhattan either.

CNN: NYC Bomber Left Note Referencing Boston Marathon Bomber

A report Monday claimed a note left near one of the unexploded bombs in New York City over the weekend made references to the Boston Marathon bombers, who used similar explosive devices in 2013.

“Well, one of the bombs that didn’t explode on 27th street, Anderson, had a note with some handwritten — it was a handwritten note and it basically made reference to previous terrorists, including the Boston bombers,” CNN’s Evan Perez told Anderson Cooper.

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They are activists that want gun laws to be changed. These people are a danger to themselves and others!

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