War And Conflict

Beating Of The War Drums: World Powers Are Preparing for WWIII

Written by JayWill7497
Don’t you know it is written that there first be a fallen away? (Meaning a part of the things to take place at the time of the end. )”Another major sign is; “Men’s hearts failing them for looking after those things which are coming upon the earth!
“And you should be a witness to that truth if you notice how all these men’s are reporting on the planet X heading toward earth!. There is more frequent earthquake in the world on a greater scale of 5.0! “Wars, and the talk of wars among nations.
“The great increase in lawlessness, “even on the people’s by law officials. “The waves of the seas have been consistently roaring from the greater number of Hurricanes, even though they touch not the land! “Must I need to go on before you understand? I think not: “and I won’t.

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