BLM Has Simply Took Issues To A WHOLE NEW Degree: “Kill White People”!

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The Black Lives Matter movement has influenced hatred across the country, which was substantiated by violent, hateful, racist graffiti in Hillsborough County, Florida.

WFTS-TV documented that deputies discovered graffiti that stated “kill white people” spray painted on a wall along Gornto Lake Road in Brandon along with additional tags that read “black power,” “BLM,” and “black lives matter.”


“It’s uncalled for, there’s a way to protest, there’s a way not to, this is just, it hurts everybody,” Cat D’Alessandro informed WFTS-TV.

A deputy was tasked with masking the hate speech painted on the wall and when D’Alessandro observed this, she bought her own spray paint to help out.

“I was kind of sad really because why does it have to be like, why does it have to get to this,” D’Alessandro stated.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office does not know who likely have committed the crime but observed that this wasn’t the only damage done – a trailer home less than 10 minutes away had their residence vandalized, as well as a sign they positioned in front of their home in support of GOP nominee Donald Trump, with “BLM” and “Black Lives Matter” painted on the property.



Stacy Hatfield, whose residence was vandalized, told WFTS-TV: “Yeah I’m pissed off, very pissed, because this just ruined our paint job and it makes our neighborhood look like trash now.”

“Vandalism, they got nerve to come and do that,” she stated. “We didn’t know we was discriminating anybody obviously we offended somebody.”

D’Alessandro stated, “It makes me sad that it’s gotten to this much hate when we really should love and care about each other.”

“Kill white people” along with “BLM” and “Black Lives Matter” tags; that seems like a hate crime, don’t you think? It also appears like it’s linked to Black Lives Matter.

Despite the fact that it’s unclear who did it and what their association were, if a hateful message was painted in opposition to black folks and referenced a white supremacist group, you can guess that the mainstream media would be all over it and that they would be immediately jumping to all kinds of judgements.

One answer that we can effortlessly come to is that Black Lives Matter has spread hate across the country influenced by lies propagated by big, left-wing progressive money to be able to promote their radical, globalist plan.

This plan has served to divide and conquer the country by spreading an ideology of hate and racial division that negatively affects all of us.


If the perpetrators are located do you think they’ll be charged with a hate crime? How about the Department of Justice; will President Obama send anyone down to evaluate the situation as he has done previously in other cases concerning alleged crimes against black people?

Yet again, not in all likelihood. Obama has “fundamentally transformed” our country with a great deal of adverse change, but no hope to be discovered in his destructive eight-year term.

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