Trump Must Be Stopped! The Globalists Need A False Flag! Must Happen Before Election!

Written by JayWill7497


YouTube videographer ProjectClarity has released yet another intense video bringing forth yet new revelations in this wild Presidential race.To describe what’s happening ProjectClarity states, “When Bill Holter, Jim Rickards, Dr. Jim Willie, and “V” Vince all agree at the same time that the system must collapse and reset, you need to pay attention. 40 Million Russians Going To Bunkers During October 4th To October 7th Drills – What Do The Russians Know That The American People Don’t Know? The globalists know that if the election takes place, Trump will win! They are desperate. Desperate people do desperate things! The Globalists are pushing hard for war.

I know it seems like these same guys have been talking collapse forever, but none of them ever thought the FED and other Central Banks around the world would go to the extremes that that have. Negative Interest Rate! Really! Does that make sense to anyone. Helicopter money. The IMF adopting the Yuan into the DSR basket of currencies. The rise of the BRICS nations. The Petro dollar being dumbed. China and Russia racing to a gold backed currency. The FED never being able to raise interest rates again. The list just goes on and on. Everything that they said was going to happen has already happened or is happening now.

Jim Rickards predicted the end of the dollar would be September 30 at 4:00pm. Clearly that didn’t happen, but it doesn’t change the fact that things are out of control.

How the 911 Bill will affect the US and how it will force the exposure of the real events of 911. The exposure of 911 will show all the evidence that was destroyed to cover-up the corruption in wallstreet, the banks, and the government.

Deutsche Bank fined 14 billion and has 47 trillion in derivative exposure. Apple just hit with 14 billion tax fine. The fact that Trump is drawing the crowds that he is show that he is way ahead. People are waking up and are mad as hell! The Debate was rigged!”

These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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