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Judge Jeanine“Trump Leak Was A Clinton Setup” Did Hillary Sabotage Opening? “ Trump to Strong-Arm In Debate”

Written by JayWill7497


YouTube videographer ProjectClarity has released yet another intense video bringing forth yet new revelations in this wild Presidential race. What if it were true that the  Trump leak was a Clinton setup? Did Hillary really sabotage the opening? You have to wonder.

To describe what’s happening ProjectClarity states, “Judge Jeanine’s Opening Statement was a disaster. The teleprompters stopped working and she had to go to reading script and then finally just gave up and moved on! I have to wonder if the Clinton machine was behind it all.

This was the most important show of the year. Judge Jeanine is one of the few people that could put all this in perspective before the Sunday morning shows and the debate tonight!

After a rough start the show did lay out the theme of “Words vs. Actions”. I really love Jeanine. The exchange between Jeanine and Coco Soodek gets volatile! Coco gets away with saying Trump was sued 3 times for rape and she says it twice. Coco is a complete nonsensical idiot!

Assange says there are more leaks to come which begs the question, are there more surprises coming from the Clinton Machine?

Scott Baio is pretty funny! May not be for everyone though! Baio says Paul Ryan is a punk!”

These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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