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Mystery Time Traveller Exposed: Donald Trump ‘Came From 2036 To Warn Of ISIS Nuclear War’!

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Is Donald Trump really a time traveler? It is being reported that a time traveler called John Titor traveled from 2036 to 2000 to warn folks of a nuclear war by ISIS.

John Titor disappeared abruptly after giving some tips on what the future had in store. But, several of his predictions did not come true and his tips were claimed to be hoax.

Titor reported he had been sent back to 1975 to obtain an IBM 5100 computer, which was needed to debug ageing machines still utilised in 2036, Telegraph documented in October 2015.

Nevertheless, right now it is being claimed by conspiracy theorists that the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is actually John Titor. The theory definitely seems to be very bizarre.

It was explained in 2002, that Trump’s uncle John Trump had mastered time travel. Conspiracy theorists went to the level of making claims Donald Trump journeyed to the future under the identity John Titor.

“After witnessing the destruction he returned to and changed the future subtly through the butterfly effect by giving humanity hints of what was to come,” Daily Star accounts.

Having said that, based on the theory, Trump was powerless to change the ISIS part of the theory. Trump who is running for U.S. presidency is recognized for utilizing pseudonyms like John Miller and John Barron, where his middle name is employed as a first name.

Consistent with the conspiracy theory, his third and less well-known identity was John Titor. Donald Trump spent a lot of time with his uncle John Trump, who was a scientist from MIT before his death in 1985.

“My uncle used to tell me about nuclear before nuclear was nuclear”. He would tell me, ‘There are things that are happening that could be potentially so bad for the world in terms of weaponry,” stated Donald Trump in an interview with Boston Globe.

By the time Trump was born in 1946, nuclear weapons were already owned by the U.S. Furthermore, the 70-year-old had always explained that he hated nuclear weapons.

Conspiracy theories assert that both Trump and Titor outspoken, rude and aggressive. “Perhaps I should let you all in on a little secret. No one likes you in the future. This time period is looked at as being full of lazy, self-centered, civilly ignorant sheep,” Titor published in one post.

Are the conspiracy theories associated to time travel directed at diverting the awareness of voters from the release of a sexist video of Donald Trump in which he speaks of women as objects for sex and demeans them?

Washington Post revealed the video at a time when both he and Hillary Clinton were waiting for the next presidential debate. New York Times has labeled him “Groper in Chief” in their headline.

The strange conspiracy theory boasts that Trump is now trying to prevent the future, by drastically changing its timeline and tackling the enemies which could likely bring humanity to destruction.

Based on a report in MNU, analysts warned about a nuclear war between Russia and the U.S. They stated it was just a matter of time and Russia has began prepping millions of citizens for a nuclear war while breaking off ties with the U.S.

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