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When Will It Come? End Is Nigh: Donald Trump, Horseman Of The Republican Apocalypse!

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It’s the nightmare situation.

Based on a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, Donald Trump is at this moment falling apart: he’s down 52 % to 38 % to Hillary Clinton in a two-way race, and down 46 % to 35 % in a four-way race. In the popular Congressional ballot, Democrats currently outstrip Republicans by a 49 % to 42 % difference. Trump is not simply dropping, he’s dragging the whole Republican Party down with him, just in time to hand total power to Hillary Clinton and her Democratic allies in the House and Senate!!!!!!!!!

This is what occurs when you nominate a mixture of Todd Akin and Mark Foley to the presidency.

In late August 2012, Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin made commentary on a local radio show with regards to rape and abortion. The commentary made him a national laughing stock. Republicans across the nation instantly cut ties, sacrificing his Senate seat in an effort to stop the electoral infection from spreading. In the end, Republicans sacrificed just two seats in the Senate and eight seats in the House.

In September 2006, Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) was snagged in a scandal concerning sexual liaisons with Congressional pages. Republicans just as before tried to distance themselves, with far less success – Republicans sacrificed 30 seats in the House and control of the chamber to Nancy Pelosi and her radical Democrats.

Visualize if Todd Akin or Mark Foley happened to be the presidential candidate. And think about if the Republicans had then was adamant on tying themselves to them.

That’s 2016.

Donald Trump understands this election is through. Everybody understands this election is over, with the exception of the demented editorialists at Breitbart News. But they’re holding to an alternative reality anyhow – a reality in which Trump could yet win but only if everybody stays dedicated to him. Trump’s debate performance gives just enough credibility to this fiction that Republicans will remain in line. Trump threw red meat at Republicans, and they’re eating it up – Republican officials who proceed to defect will be reprimanded by those who feel they’re doing so because they’re too weak-kneed to assault the Clintons. That’s why Paul Ryan got booed after refusing to ask Donald Trump to an event on Saturday, the day following news of the “p***y” tape broke.

Here’s Robert Costa of The Washington Post, confirming just that:

The rat’s that are jumping ship of Republicans away from Trump has ceased for the moment, even if some like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan are slowly trying to edge away subtly.

In hypothesis, that’s okay. In procedure, it’s the equal of a Viking funeral: the Viking does, and the community contends that his widow climb on the funeral pyre with him.

Trump’s pride requires that if his candidacy is dead, everyone burn with him, like the heathen kings of old. And burn they will. Trump well informed his voters on Sunday that everyone who will not support him ought to be punished at the polls, raising the hideous specter of folks voting for Trump at the top of the ballot and then leaving the rest empty. So Trump will go down and take the rest down with him – and chortle while doing so:

Trump isn’t a Republican or a conservative, and most likely doesn’t believe things will be too awful if Hillary and the Democrats are elected. That’s the sick joke of this cycle. His supporters believe it’s the end of the world, and they’re close to right – but Trump is completely satisfied to observe Republicans and conservatives go down in fiery ruins just so he can feel great about the size of his hands.

And Hillary understands it. For months, she’s attempted to separate Trump off from normal Republicans, contemplating that she can draw them to her side by producing an alternative to escape Trump. Now that she understands she’s going to win big, she’s going for the kill: connecting all Republicans to Trump, expecting to win the House.

This is a full-scale catastrophe. Hillary’s seeking to exploit it. And Republicans are too short-sighted to prevent it.

But it’s not just about the loss of the presidency and the loss of the Senate and House. Trump has accomplished something else, too: by pushing Republicans to lash themselves to the Trumpian Titanic as it takes on water, he’s pushed them to demolish their own arguments and their own cause. Republicans have expended decades fighting the leftist false plot of a broad American war on women – and at this point they’re spending all their time writing off talk of sexual assault as “locker room talk.” Republicans have expended decades informing voters that character matters – and then when their candidate brags about trying to “f***” married women, they shrug it off by citing King David in Biblically illiterate style. Republicans have stated that they’re not racist and neither is America – and then brushed off a dude who went easy on the KKK and utilized “textbook racism” in opposition to a judge of Mexican descent.

They’re providing Democrats all the fodder they’ll want for decades more of fake arguments about the evils of Republicans and the American folks.

Today none of this means that Republicans can’t vote for Trump. They can, as I’ve stated thousands of times at this point – it’s feasible to condemn in the best terms all of Trump’s evils, and still get a lesser-of-two-evils choice. But many Republican leaders aren’t competent of the cognitive dissonance, so instead they create excuses for Trump, make light of his disgusting rhetoric and behavior, and lose women, minorities, and an whole generation of young voters along the way. Not forgetting their souls.

The Trump supporters wanted to observe everything burn. They’re going to get their wish. But Hillary’s going to be the one retaining the match and laughing hysterically while Donald Trump sits off to the side, secure in the understanding that at least he showed what a tough dude he is.

These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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