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U.S. And Russia Are On The Brink!,But Nobody Is Paying Attention!

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The world is moving closer to nuclear war, but nobody is communicating about it. While the majority of Americans are preoccupied with the election rhetoric between Trump and Clinton, Russia is organizing for a full-scale conflict with the west. In a common indication that conflict is imminent, Russia has ordered the families of all its overseas officials to return home.


A NATO fighter escorts a Russian long-range bomber. Several such flights have happened lately as the Russians declare themselves as a superpower once more.

LOS ANGELES, CA  – The United States and Russia are close to war, but small amount of Americans fully understand it because we are very preoccupied with our election. Russia has ordered the families of all officials living overseas to return home to Russia the instant it is practicable.

The order is fairly discretionary, but officials who disobey the order might be passed over for promotions, as it might appear as a poor mark on their record. Vladimir Putin has canceled a appointed visit to Paris, France in the midst of the tensions.

Former Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev is also forewarning that Russia and the U.S. have reached a “dangerous point.”

Not long ago, the U.S. has publicly held accountable Russia for bombings on an aid convoy and on civilians in the city of Aleppo in Syria. Aleppo has been besieged by Syrian forces which are backed by Russia. Inside the city and in some areas around it are rebel factions competing for their own control of the city. To the northeast of the city is the Islamic State.

The Syrian military has made progression, but these are the result of scorched earth bombings, by both Syrian and Russian air forces. Pictures of injured civilians have surfaced from the city and are making headlines in the U.S. which has instigated political condemnation of the bombings.

In other regions, the U.S. persists to be at odds with Russian gains in places like Eastern Ukraine. Russian separatists in Ukraine have a short while ago been implicated in the downing of a Malaysian Airlines passenger plane. The plane was shot down with a Russian surface-to-air missile.

A week ago, a pair of Russian bombers flew around Europe, from Arctic to the Atlantic off the coast somewhere in Western Europe. The planes ultimately turned back after being intercepted by NATO fighters scrambled out of Norway, the UK, France, and Spain.

Several flights such as these have been lately noticed.

Russian fighters have also buzzed American warships in the Baltic Sea.

The majority of Americans are hardly conscious that tensions between Russia and the U.S. are ever-increasing. The topic of how to take action to these rising tensions has not come up in the presidential debates.

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