Possible Martial Law In Early 2017! Did Anyone Else Get The Martial Law Memo?

Written by JayWill7497


Donald Trump is a genuine (and quite possibly the last) American Patriot and a New American Revolution is definitely underway.

This might seem like another tempestuous political race but there have also been irrevocable divisions
set up that will rock and roll this country to it’s foundations regardless of who wins.

Regardless who wins the election, I anticipate that there will be large scale inner city rioting with many deaths.

If Trump is victorious, there will be inner city riots due to the fact folks will point out that the election has been stolen.

There will be more warfare between law enforcement and civilians, potentially leading to Martial Law being announced in early 2017.

If Clinton is victorious, the U.S. Government will carry on and crumble from within and even further weaken both domestically and internationally.

Organizations like the N.R.A , F.O.P., and the Tea Party will be furious and will point out that the election has been compromised.

Mr. Trump has actually stated that the election could be compromised and I concur with him.

At the same time, organizations like B.L.M will be furthur influenced by a Clinton win and we can anticipate an even greater
reaction to the inescapable Police and civilian events.

There is going to be roiting that our continued left leaning government will be reluctant to fully quell,
perhaps resulting in Martial Law being announced in early 2017.

Regrettably, the Obama administration would never make it possible for the major cities to begin planning today for riots in early 2017.

Many Law enforcement and Civilian lives will be sacrificed as a result of this inaction and billions of dollars in losses will result.

I encourage all the Police Forces of all the Major cities of the United States not to hold out for instructions from Washington
but to start bracing for these riots promptly.

Like it or not it will come to pass.


These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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