Webbot Forecast For November 2016 — March 2017 Election Confusion & Hyperinflation

Written by JayWill7497


New information from Cliff High states:

Here are the features from this latest “intel” prediction from November 2016 to March 2017:

The election period is best detailed as incredibly perplexing. Evidently, Trump wins by a landslide but the [shadow government]prefers Hillary at any price and will somehow hijack the election to put Hillary in the office. It’s not apparent as to how (the results evidently are very favorable to Trump). This shatters any illusion of democracy among the sheeple. Nevertheless more confusion comes forth because Hillary [is missing]and is nowhere to be found (??)

Hyperinflation supercedes deflation in western economies beginning in US, coincidental with the Election period

Debt “explosion” (exploding not in the sense of rising but in the sense of break down) because of intense hyperinflation that’s debases the dollar and then the euro. This is triggered by the repatriation of dollars [that process is continuing currently]. Evidently the hyperinflation is not brought on by any sort of “reset” in currencies so it might not be associated to our “Event”. The design is more along the lines of the Federal Reserve covering up the repatriation of dollars purchasing more and more of those treasuries and printing more bogus digi-dollars in the process. The loss of trust in the political status quo in the US becomes the norm because of the political [confusion]as for the capability of the US to pay their debts back. In turn, this results in dollar repudiation in the East and will cause essential items prices to skyrocket. Real state and car prices go the other way and tumble adding to the distress.

Markets crash and the FED begins brazenly purchasing equities triggering a huge rise in the price of equities in the November-March. Protests follow through and increase until March when it all blows up again.

Bitcoin rises, falls and rises again. Mostly associated with becoming widely implemented in China.

Other predictions for the time period considered between November and March, not pointed out in this video consist of:

Divergence between gold prices in Shanghai Gold Exchange and western PM markets becomes recognized in early November

HUGE alien cruiser (UFO) fly-by somewhere between November and March. Motives and shape are not detailed. It only flies by. Observed by billions of folks. Unquestionable evidence of life outside our planet.

The point to retain here might be that although the financial “reset” might not yet in the immediate horizon (or perhaps it is, who knows?) the point is that if in truth there’s a repudiation of dollar with simultaneous political instability and loss of credibility by the US, there’s the strong probability that the western world is confronted with detrimental hyperinflation before the official financial reset.

This might be a double edge sword. On one hand the unexpected drop in the purchasing power in the western world might trigger a severe and sudden pain. From the viewpoint of the mission of liberating the planet this could well be “interesting” because, if the things that are being picked up by the web bots or remote viewers are not the description of the “Event” we’re all familiar with, it’s definitely an sign of a large contextual change from now on that we can work with to our advantage. At least it will induce “awakenings” and those will definitely speed up the compression breakthrough. We should also bear in mind that the more awakenings occur more confusion will come through, and that we can utilize to our benefit.

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