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World War III Update: Specialists Claim 5 Of Russia’s Satan Missiles Can Eradicate U.S. East Coast & Obliterate 4 Million People!

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Industry experts alert that if Russia would let loose just 5 of its SS-18 missiles, known as the Satan, it could eradicate the east coast of the U.S. and obliterate more than 4 million people. Russia is thought to have 55 Satans, its most impressive missile, part of the biggest nuclear stockpile in the world which could make the nuclear bombs dropped during World War II in Japan mild in comparison.

Just one SS-18 missile, in an apocalyptic nuclear strike, would obliterate 75 % of New York for thousands of years, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy, alerts. He points out that the SS-18 missiles would carry nuclear warheads with payloads of up to 20,000 kilotons, Dailystar reports.

It is more than a thousand times potent than the bomb dropped on Nagasaki.


Roberts states at maximum payload, a direct hit on New York is capable of eradicating 4.5 million people, injuring another 3.6 million and send radioactive fallout covering over 600 miles. It might also be armed with 10 smaller nukes of 550 kilotons each that can disperse across a wide area and practically impossible to intercept.

Roberts, in a report for the Centre for Research on Gloablization, cautioned Russia could easily annihilate NATO and lead to the total collapse of the western alliance.


According to FEMA predictions from the Cold War, the targets of a Russian nuclear attack might include cities with huge populations such as New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Jacksonville and Washington DC.

A global war is impending and might commence in 2 weeks, a Russian official forecasted, as Russia begins air attacks on Aleppo. On Sunday, the three-day humanitarian ceasefire in Aleppo ended, but locals did not leave the war-torn city’s eastern location. CNN reports that the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights states it was not aware of any resident who left Aleppo utilizing any of the eight authorized evacuation routes.

Residents decided not to leave because they fear being ambushed on the routes or suspect the Syrian and Russian governments promote evacuations to clear rebels from the area. Fights resumed on Sunday as mortars peppered Khan Touman, a southern village of Aleppo, USA Today accounts. The missiles were Grad rockets freshly provided by backers of the Syrian government.

During the three-day ceasefire, relief agencies was unable to bring aid to the eastern districts of Aleppo held by rebels due to the fact of lack of security guarantees from both warring parties, triggering the cancellation of planned medical evacuations, VOA accounts.

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