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Election Day ALERT! Militia Groups Prepare For Violence As Civil Unrest Unravels!

Written by JayWill7497


What Can You Expect Come Election Day?

First, don’t be surprised if you see more enhanced security, increased surveillance, and undercover spies at the election ballets — none of which comes as a surprise.

But, if you notice militia groups, uprisings, and political upheaval, don’t say you weren’t warned!

Because according to mainstream reports, militia groups such as The Three Percent Security Force and The Oath Keepers are preparing for armed unrest should Donald Trump lose the upcoming “elections.” Not to mention how Russia is also claiming such accusations — that they will attack America if Americans do not “vote” for Trump into office.

Amid concerns of a “rigged election,” these militia groups (and others) are armed and ready to go come election day on November 8th — along with other potential civil and social unrest that could spark during, before, and after the elections: courtesy George Soros and the elite/Illuminati.

Which is no surprise, considering how many schools are also closing their doors come election day. And, with the recent uptick in violence seen across the nation… including Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star being pummeled into pieces — it’s no telling the events to come succeeding the elections.

And, with rumors of a possible assassination attempt on both candidates, either before or after the elections, one has to wonder…

What’s REALLY About To Take Place?!



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