After Hillary Named FBI Liars, They Leaked 1 Document She Never Wished ANYONE HAD DISCOVERED

Written by JayWill7497


After FBI Director Comey introduced he was re-opening the investigation into Hillary Clinton, her campaign and their lapdogs in the media went on the assault by stating the FBI didn’t have any tangible proof. They advised Comey to “release” anything he’s got…WELL BE MINDFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!!

The FBI started promptly releasing documents revealing MAJOR crimes by Bill and Hillary Clinton dating back to Bill’s Presidency. The BOMBSHELL in the document was that Bill Clinton pardoned an international fugitive on his final day in office in exchange for a donation to Hillary’s 2000 Senate campaign.

The FBI documents exhibit that Marc Rich, the FBI “most-wanted” criminal, had contributed $100,000 to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign and “these donations may have been intended to influence the fugitive’s pardon.”


This is criminal bribery at the highest levels! It demonstrates everything corrupt and revolting about the Clintons and we need to publish it everywhere!

But they didn’t cease there! They also launched their files on David Petraeus to confirm he was INDICTED for doing less than Hillary Clinton did.


And they launched the full file on Hillary Clinton which will supply all the proof to charge her with PERJURY and ARREST her based on what the new emails show!


Hillary just initiated a SHOWDOWN with the FBI and it doesn’t look like a showdown she can win!

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These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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