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Breaking: “Trump Assassination” Thwarted By Secret Service In Reno!

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Secret Service just thwarted a believed assassination attempt on Donald Trump in Reno. Details have emerged that an altercation in the crowd led to someone shouting “he has a gun” which prompted Secret Service to rush Donald Trump off the stage as a precaution. A white bald man in a black hoodie was then taken into custody and Trump returned to the stage. Here is the video courtesy Right Side Broadcasting

This is the third attempt on #Trump’s life; the terrorist Left continues it’s usual method of democracy – Violence


This is the latest information on the “assassination attempt” on Donald Trump in Reno Nevada.

Trump rushed off stage for safety

CBS NEWS REPORT after the fact

At Trump’s next rally in Denver, a pastor, introduced as Father Andre Y-Sebastian Mahanna, also falsely called the Reno incident “an attempt of murder against Mr. Trump.” Mahanna blamed the incident on the media for inciting hate against the Republican nominee.


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These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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