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Michael Brown, FBI Agent Involved In Leaked Clinton Emails, Is Dead! Another “Hit Job” By The Clinton’s?

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Walkerville, MD – An FBI agent presumed to be responsible for the latest email leaks “pertinent to the investigation” into Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was Secretary of State, was discovered dead in an notable murder-suicide early Saturday morning, based on law enforcement officials.

Investigators think FBI agent, Michael Brown, 45, shot and killed his 33-year-old wife, Susan Brown, late Friday evening before setting the couple’s home on fire and then turning the gun on himself. Brown was a 12 year veteran of the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department well before spending the last six years in the FBI.

Neighbors observed smoke coming from the Brown residence and called 9-1-1 at approximately 11:50 p.m. By the time fire crews showed up on scene minutes later, the whole residence was engulfed in flames.

“Mrs. Brown’s death was caused by a gunshot wound prior to the house fire,” Walkerville Police Chief Pat Frederick said, “while Mr. Brown’s single-bullet head wound appears to have been self-inflicted.”

“The totality of the evidence leads us to believe this is a murder-suicide. We believe he killed her, set the house on fire and then took his own life,” Frederick stated.

The investigations support findings by investigators Saturday that the couple perished in a murder-suicide during which the 4,000-square foot residence was deliberately set on fire. Authorities outlined a probable scenario according to interviews with neighbors and comments published on Mr. Brown’s Facebook page.


Brown is thought to have initiated the gasoline-fueled fire but spared the life of his beloved beagle, Dixie. “Prior to the fire, he dropped off the dog at a neighbor’s house,” Frederick stated. “He put the dog in a neighbor’s backyard.”

A neighbor informed WHAG that Brown seemed “panicked” though it is uncertain whether his wife was dead before or after the dog was taken out from their home.

The objective behind the killing is still being investigated, but law enforcement state Brown was a highly respected agent with the FBI and very well liked in the community. “What leads someone to this level of anger and violence with your wife, your loved one, who knows,” stated an FBI official who knew the Brown family.

Conspiracy theories are running widespread throughout many alt. right media outlets, leading many to trust this was another “hit job” by the Clintons in retaliation for the FBI email leaks so near to the presidential election. Media outlets like Alex Jones’ Infowars and WND are running with the theory that globalist assassins, working for the Clintons, had the Brown family murdered and their home burned to wipe out any possible proof.

FBI Director James Comey rejected to comment at this time but requested for privacy and prayer as the bureau comes to terms with losing “two very close friends.”

This is a developing story.

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