WIKILEAKS 32 Just Released!: New York Times “Defends” WikiLeaks. Chelsea Uses Clinton Foundation!

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People walk by the entrance to US newspaper 'The New York Times'  in New York, March 8, 2011.  AFP PHOTO/Emmanuel Dunand (Photo credit should read EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

The New York Times makes its claim for posting facts in the WikiLeak documents on the Iraq war, stating it “helps illuminate several important aspects of this war.”

WikiLeaks continues to be under strong pressure from the United States and the governments of other countries but is additionally fraying internally, simply because of a choice to publish many of the Afghan documents without getting rid of the names of informants, putting their lives in imminent danger. A profile of WikiLeaks’s contentious founder, Julian Assange, will surface in Sunday’s newspaper.

The New York Times informed the Pentagon which particular documents it planned to publish and demonstrated how they have been redacted. The Pentagon stated it would have favored that The Times not post any classified materials but did not suggest any cuts. Geoff Morrell, the Defense Department press secretary, highly condemned both WikiLeaks and the release of the Iraq documents.


Thursday dump by WikiLeaks email #7136 demonstrates how the foundation redirects revenue. The leaked email in question was sent by Laura Graham, Chief Operating Officer of the Clinton Foundation & Chief of Staff to President Clinton who apparently desired to commit suicide because of ‘office crap’ brought by spoiled brat Chelsea, and seems to display Chelsea Clinton utilizing funds from the nonprofit Clinton Foundation to pay for her ‘for profit’ business activities. Chelsea apparently takes 50-75% of funds from foundation to her own profit.


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These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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