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New World Order Plots To TAKE OUT President Trump!

Written by JayWill7497

Fearless Vladimir Putin has provided a scathing assault on the New World Order and cautioned Donald Trump that the ‘secret cabal’ have him ‘in their crosshairs.’


‘There is a secret cabal above the elected rulers of your country, they have very clear goals for the next couple of years…They do not want you to be President, and they are conspiring against you.‘

President Putin hasn’t endorsed Trump, but any enemy of the New World Order is a buddy of the Russian President’s, and he had a few thoughts of warning to share with Trump when they talked on the phone on Friday.

Putin cautioned Trump to anticipate ‘dirty tricks like we’ve already observed, and much worse‘ based on a Kremlin source, forewarning him that elite members of the GOP, his own party, are at the moment plotting against him and will try to take away his nomination for the presidency.

‘The elites will do whatever it takes to stop you thwarting them,’ Putin stated, based on sources, hinting at a potential assassination plot should Trump’s campaign continue gaining momentum.

‘The elites have chosen Hillary [Clinton], the whole world has seen in her emails that the Democrats chose her as their nominee over a year ago and the election over [Bernie] Sanders was a farce.’

It is comprehended that Putin stated if the exit polls differed from the official results by so wide a margin in a Russian election, the Western media would be shouting about election fraud and corruption.

Inquired about the presumptive Republican nominee for president while taking questions at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, Putin yet again detailed Trump as a “flamboyant” or “colorful” man, utilizing a Russian word – “яркий” – that can be translated in different ways, from gaudy to striking to dazzling.

“But here’s where I will pay close attention, and where I exactly welcome and where on the contrary I don’t see anything bad: Mr Trump has declared that he’s ready for the full restoration of Russian-American relations. Is there anything bad there? We all welcome this, don’t you?”

In an annual press conference with his countrymen last April, Putin indicated skepticism about the American electoral process, which he feels is corrupt – elite family clans taking turns occupying the White House. He also hinted how he personally observed Hillary Clinton.

‘First there was Bush senior in power, then Bush junior. [Bill] Clinton was [U.S. President] two times in a row, now his wife has ambitions. Again, the family might stay in power. As they say in Russia, a husband and a wife are the same Satan.’

Neither side of the political establishment want Trump anywhere near the White House. The mainstream media are vilifying him. In short, the sock puppets of the New World Order are united in opposition to him. They have a lot to lose if somebody who isn’t playing by their rules takes control.

It is not well-known if Putin obtained this information from Guccifer, the anti-Illuminati hacker who accessed Hillary Clinton’s emails, or whether the inside information came from another source. What is obvious nevertheless is that Putin has been vocal about destroying the New World Order’s chokehold over global economics and geopolitics, and he is motivated to see this through.

In Russia there is an old saying that roughly translates as ‘If you don’t understand the past, you won’t be able to understand the present, or shape the future.’ Putin lives by this saying. Based on sources he has been researching the history of the New World Order so he can comprehend their plans and eliminate the invasive organisation before its roots and branches spread too far and wide around the world and it becomes too late.

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