BREAKING – CLINTON CAMPAIGN INSIDER REVEALS: Trump Protests Sponsored By Soros-Clinton Cabal!

Written by JayWill7497


The street riots are presented as ANTI TRUMP, but are essentially- more pro-Soros/NWO. Its the initiating of a political counter wave in reaction to major loss at the ballot box. Its a re-branded *Bolshevik uprising*, and will be tagged the *PURPLE REVOLUTION*. They are attempting to challenge the elected President with a Bolshevik street-tyranny. THE PURPOSE VERY MUCH IS- VIOLENCE IN THE STREETS, just like the CIA utilized in Kiev to expel a regime. The faux branding of Trump’s win as ‘bigoted WHITELASH’ is just a manufactured fake-issue -an EMO dog whistle for angered libs, and would be political miscreants. Soros is attempting to create a political coalition out of still-brainwashed sentimental 60’s libs, welfare recipients, un-romanced frustrated (under-earning) women, immigrants / migrants, lesbians, gays, and believers in the [fake-science] climate-change scam.

Soros & NWO are trying to stir a logic-be-dammed EMO-miscreants– street-chaos Bolsehvism. With any and all – deceive a sufficient amount to buy the rhetoric, welcome to join the experience. A politically unsophisticated… EMO-socialist rampage. Soros’ minions are brazenly stating they want to undermine the fairly elected regime. And intend to get Trump impeached ASAP. THIS IS BOLSHEVISM. Its major. Rothschild/Rockefeller/Soros/NWO– are fomenting a political.. civil agitation. (NWO ‘divide and conquer’)…The Soros/Podesta-run PURPLE insurrection.. will keep assaulting Trump as a personality (smeared and maligned) as ‘unfit to rule’. This is a exacto insurrection not just a ventilation of some emotions:

Soros’s “Purple Revolution” brewing for Trump Presidency launching their “color revolution” for the United States this time around!

George Soros isn’t done yet, funding destabilization groups and communist groups across America.

Hillary gave her so called “Concession” speech wearing Purple , calling for a Soros organized #PurpleRevolution to Cause Civil Unrest Rioting Killing to Stop the Trump Movement. It will not Work Lucifer. Stop the Coup of the American Constitutional Republic. #HillaryForPrison2017 She will not evade Justice Again !!! #DrainTheSwamp

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These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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