Major Trump Backer And 9/11 Truther Joins Digital War On Fake News!

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Yes, Facebook had the methods to filter out fake news and opted not to utilize it, but do not fear for the future of truth, dear readers. The soldiers in the war on fake news have a unique ally: 9/11 truther and prominent Trump supporter Alex Jones.


Alex Jones is the creator of InfoWars, best recognized for his impassioned, improvised live streams. Once laughed off as a wacko conspiracy theorist, Jones has obtained a huge following, his website InfoWars getting about 7.5 million unique views per month. A tremendous supporter of Trump, the president-elect even called Jones to thank the InfoWars audience for assisting him win the presidency (that is, based on Alex Jones).

In a profile of the rising star for Spin Magazine, Andy Cush referred to Jones like this:

Alex Jones is convinced that the U.S. government perpetrated the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center… He is convinced that the government adds chemicals that turn children gay to juice boxes and water bottles, as a means of population control. He is convinced that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered, and that the Obama administration might have been engaged in the crime. He is convinced, as Barack Obama observed in a recent Clinton campaign speech, that the president and the Democratic nominee are demons who smell like sulphur. He is not completely closed off to the concept that Earth is controlled by a race of inter-dimensional lizard people.

On Tuesday, Jones declared he was joining the fight on fake news, starting the InfoWars Fake News Analysis Center. In Jones’ world, the liberal media – like the New York Times, Yahoo, Google and Facebook – are attempting to block “fake” news. The only issue? They’re the ones disseminating the fake news. “One hundred times out of one,” Jones stated in a video, “I see it where libertarians or conservatives are putting out the fake news.” Here’s how Alex views it:

What’s happening is very, very simple. Mainstream dinosaur discredited media that have fake pollsters and  and all the disinformation that’s been totally repudiated and proven to be a lie… Their now desperate attempts to flood the web through third party sites they control with so much fake news and disinformation that it discredits the entire web itself. And then they will preside over the false flag they have staged and claim that they can only be trusted.
OK, buddy…

In May, Gizmodo documented that Facebook had hired curators to run the company’s trending news team, which was led by editorial judgements, not an algorithm. Since then, Facebook fired its editorial team, and started utilizing an algorithm. Regrettably that meant a ton of fake news got displayed on the platform during the United States’ most crazy election.

The media madness surrounding this has motivated both Google and Facebook to address this problem publicly. On Monday, Google declared it would stop showing ads from fake news websites. Hours later, Facebook followed suit.

InfoWars will at this point run a piece every day on its radio show and nightly news program where Jones looks at “fake corporate news and fake ads”. He’ll develop a database where his followers can search through these posts so they can “counter these people”. Jones also encouraged InfoWarriors to begin YouTube channels and radio shows. All things considered, we’re in “the fake news wars”.

“Together, we will kick their arse,” he determined.

This is what media under a Trump administration appears to be like.


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