Donald Trump Secretly Meets NSA? Obama Can Pardon Snowden, Manning, Assange?!

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Snowden is clearly a Russian agent – think about it, did he actually say anything that wasn’t already mainstream knowledge? No, his only function was to erode confidence in the government and then run back to Russia. As for Bradly manning – gender-bending is a mental illness. This man needs help, and he should be transferred to a mental hospital, where he can be treated for his sexual disorder. Yes, a pardon is due. But I don’t believe that releasing mentally ill trained killers into our communities is a good idea – does anyone really want to live next door to a possibly homicidal mental-case??

Is this the same Obama that is allowing the human rights violations in North Dakota? The same Obama who belittled the Flint situation? The same Obama that wants “false news” to be repressed while CNN, MSNBC are allowed to give us the “truth”? The same Obama that said Hillary is the most qualified candidate ever? You think he is anywhere near going to pardon whistle blowers??? Ever??

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I’ll bet he pardons HRC! Snowden, Manning, email scandals, #pizzagate. I can’t keep up! But rest assured none of these things are going away thanks to social media. The ppl have a voice & they are livid over the pedophile evidence from podesta-emails. I think yesterday #pizzagate was trending #1 in Turkey??!! This is big. Innocent children. The epitome of The least of these. Clinton linked to Sweden. Now, Everyone is wondering #WhereIsJulian again. The evidence is overwhelming that they don’t want this #pizzagate thing exposed. Then there’s Monica Petersen investigation of the Clintons in Haiti, committed suicide in the middle of her investigation? This is all so bizarre. I think the war within our government has EVERYTHING to do with these hidden scandals.


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These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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