The Invasion Of The Super Cyber Hackers Is Here! Are You Prepared? (A MUST SEE!)

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Newly RELEASED FBI information has led a lot of people to believe the 2016 US elections were decided on information received from various Hackers. Are we on the verge of seeing Super Cyber Hackers taking over everything we do online? And sharing with the world all our deepest secrets? With social media a primary communication method for politicians, the online activity will be intense in the period before the elections and cyber criminals and nation-state actors will try to exploit the event to launch cyber-attacks. Hackers will exploit the event to spread malware and compromise computers of a large number of people.

Expect lures made to look like political party or candidate email, explaining their program or advocating an online petition or survey on election issues. Expect a growing number of attacks on third-party payment applications that link to accounts at the financial institution. A growing number of threat actors will offer their products and services to the organized crime causing a significant increase of illegal activities and the born of well-founded criminal crews.

Cyber Crime Predictions for 2017 are expected to reach levels never seen before. Cyber criminals will use threaten victims with ransomware and DDoS attack in an attempt to extort money to stop the attacks or to allow victims to rescue the locked files. Ransomware will be used to target IoT devices like SmartTV, wearables and medical devices.

The numerous data breaches observed in the last years urge a new approach to the authentication problem. The authentication process must be efficient and have to improve the user experience. A growing number of organizations will begin using authentication methods based on alternative technologies, including biometric, geolocation, Bluetooth proximity and behavioral analysis.

In 2016 cyber espionage attacks would increase in frequency and become sophisticated. Nation-state actors and well-funded hacking groups will conduct stealthier espionage campaigns with a significant impact on the global economy.

Are you safe from online hackers? Could a hacker get into your personal information at the push of a button?


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