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Trump Just Lit Washington On Fire With New Ruling That Has Lobbyists Panic-Stricken!

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Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, Donald Trump has finally done it! Less than a week after his presidential nomination, Trump has kept his word on “Draining the Swamp” in Washington DC with a new ruling that has lobbyists p*ssing all over themselves!!

Lobbyists will be restricted for five years after a President serves their term/s. This will protect against a multitude of adults from milking each others teets and gaining jobs out of friendship.


In order for American government to continue to be fresh and competitive, putting good ideas into action, we can’t let it get stale.

If we kept everything exactly the same, in the direction we’re going, such as political correctness and other annoyingly poor examples, then we’re going to have a horrible country.

Keeping the doors spinning and instituting fresh candidates in positions of power keep things rolling in an energetic matter. It does not imply there will be extreme changes every 4 to 8 years, such as rookies leading the pack – but thrilled members of government hell bent on making a difference instead of living as a life long stale politician.

Washington Post – Donald Trump’s transition team on Wednesday announced that registered state and federal lobbyists will not be allowed to serve in the Trump administration, and people who leave the administration will have to wait five years before they can become lobbyists.

“It goes back to Trump’s goal to make sure people aren’t using government to enrich themselves,” transition spokesman Sean Spicer said on a call with reporters. “The key thing for this administration is going to be that people going out of government won’t be able to use that service to enrich themselves for a five-year period.”

Every person who joins the administration will be asked to sign a lobbying ban form that states they are not a registered lobbyist. If they are, they will have to provide evidence of their termination.

The policy comes after days of criticism over Trump’s inclusion of lobbyists on the transition team, despite his campaign pledge to keep special interests out of Washington.

Trump stated he would do this and he’s doing it. This is what sticking to your word is exactly about. I do not think he’ll be in a position to achieve 100% of everything he claimed pre-election, because as we understand – things could transform at any moment and Trump can not just claim something is a “thing” or a law without going through the appropriate protocol.

Being President is a terrific responsibility and up to now Donald Trump is handling it with ease.

He appears to be in this for the proper reasons which is to change things up and ruffle some feathers.

The guy does not even want the $400,000 income, which I may say, I would’ve taken!

Get inside and drain the swamp!

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These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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