Major Obama Fundraiser Busted For Child Rape! – Media Quietly Silent!!!!

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Brett M. Decker for USA Today reports Influential gay rights advocate and top Obama donor, Terry Bean, and alleged former boyfriend arrested.

Powerful gay rights supporter and major Obama donor, Terry Bean, and supposed ex – boyfriend busted.

Conservatives grumble that President Obama gets a free pass from the media, which functions as a de-facto public-relations store for the Democrat in the White House. Never has that charge appeared truer than today as an hideous rape scandal shows up on the West Coast.

On Wednesday, Portland, Ore. law enforcement arrested Terrence Patrick Bean, who has been accused with 2 felony counts of having sex with a minor last year. This guy is not just any old dude charged of having sex with a 15-year-old – he’s a big-money Democratic donor and liberal political activist with contacts inside the Obama White House. Bean raised more than a half-million dollars for Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

“Bean has been one of the state’s biggest Democratic donors and an influential figure in gay rights circles in the state,” accounts “He helped found two major national political groups, the Human Rights Campaign and the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund and has been a major contributor for several Democratic presidential candidates, including Barack Obama.”

A hunt of the Federal Election Commission’s campaign-finance database occurs thousands in donations every cycle by Bean to the Democratic Party’s most potent leaders, which includes Hillary Clinton, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Sen. Dick Durbin, and Rep. Barney Frank, and others. Photographs of Bean published online display him flying on Air Force One with Obama.

The scandal is escalating. Thursday, based on local media, Kiah Loy Lawson, purportedly 66-year-old Bean’s 25-year-old ex – boyfriend, was busted by the Portland Sex Crimes Unit for sexually abusing the same child. After the relationship between the 2 men concluded, Lawson went public with statements that Bean had a practice of privately videotaping himself having sex with others.

This account was first documented by the local press, and there have already been hazy references to sexual trouble for Bean and Lawson since June, but the national media has not picked it up. That oversight is fundamentally convenient for President Obama as he attempts to pull off one of his riskiest political moves actually with his amnesty executive order.

If one of President George W. Bush’s bundlers would have been accused with child rape, make no miscalculation about it, the media feeding frenzy would have been unrestrainable – which would be genuine given the seriousness of the accusations. The silence encircling Terrence Bean reveals the national media’s partisan double standard in indecent depth.

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