NUTS! What The N.Y.Times Just Expressed About Trump Will Cause You To Rip Your Hair Out!!!

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Sputnik news reports One of Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporters throughout the election cycle, New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman, is now claiming that FBI Director James Comey and Russian President Vladimir Putin “installed” Donald Trump. Ever since it became clear that Trump would be the next President of the United States, Krugman has been lashing out in a big way on Twitter. His latest claims may be his most far fetched to date.


From the moment it became apparent that Trump would be the up coming President of the United States, Krugman is actually lashing out in a huge way on Twitter. His most recent statements may perhaps be his most far fetched up to now.

On Sunday, Krugman tweeted a screenshot of Trump declaring that if you subtracted the millions of folks who voted illegally, he would have won the popular vote, on top of that winning the Electoral College. The tweet was a fraction of a twitter rant by the President-elect concerning the recount attempts of the Green Party.

“So Comey and Putin installed a crazy, vindictive can’t-handle-the-truth person in the White House. Scary,” Krugman tweeted with the screenshot.

Basically, Krugman is suggesting that Trump is a insane conspiracy theorist, while sharing the unhinged hypothesis that the FBI is working together with the Russian government. Of course, Twitter users, specifically other journalists, were swift to denote the hypocrisy.

“So Comey and Putin installed a crazy, vindictive can’t-handle-the-truth person in the White House. Scary,” Krugman tweeted with the screenshot.

This isn’t the first time since the election that Krugman made headlines for spouting outrageous conspiracy theories about the way in which the U.S. Presidency was ripped off from Clinton by Russia. It is actually not really the first time in the previous week.

Past Tuesday, Krugman went into a twitter-storm rant concerning Russians hacking into the US voting systems. In a clever examination for the Federalist, Daniel Payne published the “damaged psyches of the left,” influenced by Krugman’s unhinged rant. Payne records that the economist is beginning to “sound like a tinfoil-hat-wearing neighborhood crank.” “Krugman’s flip-flop-from a denigrator of ‘crazy conspiracy theories’ to an willing promoter of them-exposes probably just how delicate the political psyche of present day American liberalism is,” Payne published.

The post talked about how Clinton was all but ordained, and when it all came piling down to strike smug progressive commentators, which includes Krugman, the truth was too much to admit.

“The election of Donald Trump-not merely an earthquake but an extinction-level asteroid event-brought it all crashing down. And you can see that in the behavior of Paul Krugman, a man who has been confronted with, and is struggling mightily to accept, the way the world is,” Payne stated. “Really, this wake-up call has kind of been a long time coming: there are few columnists on the scene today more intellectually closed and pompous than Krugman, a fellow who once wrote about a particular policy debate, ‘I…have been right about everything.’ Even when you’re right about everything, you don’t write, ‘I have been right about everything.’ Except if you are Paul Krugman, which is.” Perhaps next Krugman will criminate U.S. President Barack Obama of likewise working with the Kremlin, given that on Friday he mentioned in no uncertain conditions that the election results “accurately reflect the will of the American people.”

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