Ohio State University Shooting/Stabbing/Car Crash PSYOP – HOAX!!

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B. Christopher Agee for Western Journalism reports, In the wake of a violent attack that left 10 victims hospitalized Monday morning on the campus of Ohio State University, developing reports indicate authorities believe the suspect was a student of the Columbus university. As Western Journalism previously reported, the suspect was fatally shot by police after running into several pedestrians in his vehicle and attacking others with a butcher knife after exiting the car.

In the aftermath of a violent attack that left 10 people hospitalized Monday morning on the campus of Ohio State University, fast developing accounts reveal authorities think the suspect was a student of Columbus university.

As has been reported, the suspect was fatally hit by law enforcement after running into a number of pedestrians in his car and attacking others with a butcher knife after getting out of the car.

Soon after information reveals the deceased suspect was either an 18- or 20-year-old OSU student and a Somali refugee with permanent resident status in the U.S.

Further information about his identity had not been verified as of the time of this statement.

Campus authorities mentioned the attack seemed to have been orchestrated from the start to cause as much injury as possible on others in a short period of time.

“To go over the curb and strike pedestrians and to get out and start striking them with a knife, that was on purpose,” stated OSU Police Chief Craig Stone.

The occurrence took place near the university’s Watts Hall and instigated instant campus-wide emergency security measures.

While preliminary reports mentioned the suspect as a shooter, it was eventually discovered he was armed with a butcher knife.

The attacker, Stone mentioned, had only seconds to stage the attack before authorities close by were able to take him down.

“Our officers were on the scene in less than a minute,” he stated, noting an officer “engaged the suspect and he eliminated the threat.”

Additionally from the suspect, no deaths have been documented in connection with the attack. One of the 10 victims taken to the hospital has apparently been listed in critical condition.

Residing in the USA nowadays is definitely living in— “a military war empire that runs on propaganda, intimidation, fear, bullying, constant deceit; that’s where you live….Shooter pysops?

Its constantly the same story- the shooter dies in the end, he had no motive, he (was a loner).. its always the same thing. This (fake news fearporn propaganda staging of scary fake events) has been going on for a number of years at this point and is occurring at a quickening rate. It needs to be ceased. The Ohio fake event was drill put on by police, the federal government, the media… part of an ongoing agenda to frighten the whole population into accepting more (removal of civil rights and imposition of Big Brother Police State) Domestic Spying Tyranny.

We are being fooled as a public. You are being sold out (to the NWO) by the folks we pay our taxes to. These organizations (conspiratorially) are attempting to frighten you, make you think these (hyperbolic) shootings are going on in every single place. These psyop drills are going on all over the nation and many of them are being displayed as if real events. Its always the same story.”


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These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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  • Fake AND dangerous “news”, since people now cannot seem to disseminate between “opinion” and actual news. For actual research on this, google Europe terror and lone wolf attacks. Isis has issued an order for these type of knife and vehicle attacks. Be informed and fight the RIGHT enemy.

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