Bombshell! Kissinger Clarifies Why Neocons (Not Russia) Hacked The Election For Trump!

Written by JayWill7497

How come are we being bombarded with Nazi news media propaganda indicating “Russia hacked the election for Trump”?

To determine what’s really taking place, we need to read between the lines. And every so often, a Nazi news article accidentally provides us a look of the man behind the curtain.

Such is the case with the recently available Forbes post “Trump’s Election Spoils Putin’s Narrative To The Russian People.” I have not done a background check on the credited author, Paul Roderick Gregory, because I do not need to. Obviously this guy is playing the neocon-Straussian game of writing on two levels: at the surface, spouting his team’s propaganda line for the public; while esoterically giving up hints about the “deep game” for his member sophisticates.

The neocons are chosenites at best, Satanists at worst. Their achilles heel is hubris: the heartfelt perception that they are more intelligent than anybody else, and consequently the only ones who can read between the lines.

So put on your thinking caps, dear readers, and think about the significance of what Kissinger/Gregory are revealing to us:

*Putin did NOT hack the election for Trump. (True)

*Putin did NOT believe that Trump could win. (True – the polls were right, Putin like everyone else believed them, Trump should have lost, the election WAS rigged…but not by Russia.)

*The election hack was executed using “Russian” cutouts, with the predicable consequence that: “The likely result of a serious investigation would be a strong suspicion that Putin ordered the hacks because such operations ‘require high-level approval.’ The Kremlin will continue to invoke ‘plausible deniability,’ and we may have to increasingly take action (against Russia) in the absence of certainty of guilt.”

*And take action we will! Trump’s presidency will likely be (as it was planned to be) a closet escalation of the war on Russia (as well as Iran and China): “A victorious Clinton would offer Putin hostile predictability, but her base would restrain her from an aggressive military and foreign policy. Trump would be unpredictable, would build up US armed forces, and have to make strong deals (with neocons – “strong deals” such as false flags? -KB) to meet his electoral promises (or make everybody forget them! -KB). Even worse for Putin, Trump would promote US energy development and drive down the energy prices on which Putin’s Petrostate rests.”

Interpretation: Neocon godfather Kissinger, Bush’s #1 option for 9/11 Commission czar, has just revealed why his crew chose and implanted Trump. The Obama/Brzezinski approach of mollifying Iran, sidelining Bibi, and steering clear of direct military confrontation with Russia and Syria and Iran and China was not… shall we point out… powerful enough for neocon preferences. These individuals want all-out war, and they want it now!

Kissinger/Gregory clarify that Trump is “unpredictable” this means he can be tempted, fooled or blackmailed into neocon ventures. He is hugely maximizing the military budget and the nuclear weapons stockpile (particularly the “highly useable” and “highly deniable” mini-nukes so beloved by the neocons, both for pulverizing/poisoning Muslims and for false flag operations). And he will quicken the economic war on Russia utilizing the plunge protection crew (under cover of “US energy development”) to fail energy costs.

Trump will be in a perfect situation to play neocon-driven hardball in opposition to Russia without anyone in the US objecting: His detractors are actually brainwashed into hating Putin; while his proponents adore everything he says and does, no matter how crazy. Surrounded by Iran-hating Bibi Netanyahu stooges, Trump might begin the expanded war in opposition to Russia by attacking Iran, whether (in)directly, through a nod and a wink at Bibi, or by sanctioning an pursued coup d’état in Tehran (that, I foresee, will fail even more horribly than past US scams in opposition to the Islamic Republic).

The Forbes post shows Kissinger/Gregory cackling in joy at their own thinking ability. They assume they suckered Putin into creating lots of pro-Trump disturbances for domestic consumption, setting Putin up as the dupe for Bibi’s hack of the American election and the coming era of neocon-Trump warmongering. Today the critical anti-Russia action commences. As the authors reveal:

Trump’s election leaves Putin with a choice. He can use his propaganda to turn Trump into a monster on par with George Bush, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton or he can use the brief window of a positive US presidential figure to explore whether there are real opportunities to repair US-Russian relations abjectly surrender. (Authors’ words in strikeout typeface; my translation in boldface.)

Clearly Kissinger/Gregory are significantly concerned about “Putin’s propaganda,” much of which includes utilizing truth for strategic effect, as with the leak of Victoria Nuland’s famous five billion dollar coup d’état in Ukraine. They need Putin to quit doing that, by going even deeper toward handing RT and Sputnik over to the Atlanticist/Zionist bankster-owned gang that has already largely defanged Russian English-language media. (Since that group bit off a bigger chunk of RT a few years ago I happen to be persona non grata there, because I tell the truth about 9/11, false flags, Zionism, and Rothschild bankster dictatorship – the four topics RT really should be harping on 24/7/365 but is no longer permitted to even talk about.)

Putin and everyone else who wishes a peaceful multipolar world – a category that might even involve Donald Trump himself and at least a few of his advisors and appointees – should identify the monumental con Bibi, Henry the K, and their neocon team have pulled off, and get prepared to commence pushing back.


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These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!


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