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Joe Biden’s Scripted Interview!: Election, Russia, Hacking, TRUMP & More

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As the Obama years come to a close, Vice President Joe Biden sits down with Judy Woodruff to discuss his thoughts on his tenure, the election and the future of the country. They discuss the fate of the Affordable Care Act, evidence of Russian election hacking, President-elect Trump’s critique of the intelligence community, the Obama administration’s legacy in Syria and more.

Joe Biden tells Donald Trump: ‘Grow up Donald, time to be an adult, you’re president’. The vice-president, responding to how the president-elect has communicated over the transition of power via Twitter, said in a interview with PBS: “Grow up Donald, grow up, time to be an adult, you’re president. You gotta do something, show us what you have.

“You’re gonna propose legislation, we’re gonna get to debate it, let the public decide, let them vote in Congress, let’s see what happens.”

The situation in Syria was not a failure because “to be a failure … you would assume there was an alternative that could have been offered that would have benefited or been in the greater interest of the security of the United

Rep. Chris Collins comments on Joe Biden to Donald Trump: “GROW UP, TIME TO BE AN ADULT”

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