FBI Moves to Stop Horrifying Plot On American Soil. This is Bad.

Written by JayWill7497

We understood that terrorist groups would love to pull off this kind of diagram, but the fact that they may have put it into motion is terrifying enough.

Someone tipped off authorities that there is a plot to set off a dirty bomb at a U.S. port in South Carolina. A dirty bomb is a large explosive, made with radioactive materials (via Jihad Watch).

FBI, HAZMAT, and EMS have all been hurried to the Port of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina, specifically the Wando Terminal.

The U.S. Coast Guard, local law enforcement, state authorities, and basically every level of law enforcement is at the terminal trying to prevent this threat, all working under a unified command.

Wando terminal remains evacuated, and one ship, specifically, is being combed over for signs of radiation: the Maersk Memphis.

No radiological material has yet been found, but that does not imply the bomb threat is a fake. Whomever is doing this would have to have hidden the bomb when moving it to the port in the first place.

It’s not a stretch to presume that this horrifying plot could be the work of a terrorist group. A dirty bomb has the potentiality to kill many Americans and ruin the infrastructure of the port.

Even worse, this destruction is long term. The whole objective of a dirty bomb is to spread radioactive material through the air.

Once you’ve been affected by this material, even slightly, it could give you serious health issues even years down the road, which includes cancer.

In truth, ISIS and al Qaeda both had, at one point, enough radioactive material to construct this weapon, for al Qaeda this capability may have been established as far back as 2009 (via NTI).

The terminal, as a whole, is of course closed. These measures are required because a dirty bomb, much like other types of nuclear weapons, has a wide reaching blast radius. The specific radius depends on the size of the bomb.

Hopefully, if the dirty bomb is indeed there, it will be disarmed quickly, but authorities are taking the threat very seriously. A safety zone of one nautical mile has been established around the ship, as outlined by the US Coast Guard.


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