1 Dead, Multiple Injured After Man Declares Jihad In Colorado And Missed By An Inch

Written by JayWill7497

As folks in Denver, Colorado were going about their workday, 26-year-old Eric Ukuni set out that morning with a different approach in mind. His mission concluded in one dead and multiple others injured, after meticulously escaping with their lives when Ukuni failed to finish his “task” by an inch.

Ukuni, whose race and religion was strangely missing from multiple reports as likely factors in his attack, went on a killing spree throughout part of Denver. A 66-year-old delivery man, Ernest Gurrini, was snagged in his wrath and murdered by Ukuni, merely for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ukuni attempted to claim others’ lives after taking Gurrini’s to reach his “goal.” He had declared earlier in the day on Tuesday that he was on a mission to kill 3 persons but was stopped by shoppers at the 7-Elven where he deliberately plowed down the man, based on The Denver Channel.

Gurrini and Ukuni had never met before until the killer deliberately rammed into his victim. Based on the ABC affiliate in Denver, “the suspect forcefully stole the truck used in the fatal hit-and-run from a father and daughter who were pulling out of a Commerce City parking lot just moments before the Denver incident.”

“The police report states that Ukuni held a screwdriver to the neck of the truck’s driver and threatened to kill him,” the report included.

Gurrini stopped for coffee at the 7-Eleven and was intending to get back into his car when he was fatally struck by Ukuni who deliberately blew through an intersection with his target in his sight. Ukuni had tried to ram several folks before hitting Gurrini, but was not successful in killing others, by mere inches by how he struck them.

The method of murder he utilized on Tuesday continues to be the popular mode of attack among terrorists lately. The Islamic State called on lone wolf terrorists around the globe to trigger monstrous bloodshed with this “effective” terrorist application, as we observed on Tuesday in Paris, France as well and a number of times prior to that.

At the present time, this occurrence is not being reported as a terrorist attack or even indicated as such, maybe simply because of political correctness. Nevertheless, it is something that should be looked into in hopes of stopping more of these fatal attacks.

Law enforcement point out he then attempted to run down the owners of the stolen truck before Commerce City Police showed up on scene.

KDVR in Denver reports:

Near 40th and Havana, witnesses said Ukuni started intentionally ramming cars from behind before appearing to swerve directly into Gurrini, who was getting back into his vehicle.

“You never think of something like that happening. You always think maybe a fender bender, but not somebody just blatantly ramming you,” McClain said.

According to court documents, Ukuni was out on bond in a forgery case and a warrant was issued for his arrest last month. He wasn’t picked up until after the crime spree.

The heroes in this incident are a group of employees from Team Wash who stopped this killer in the mids of his rampage, ironically in the middle of the street where he has tried to kill more people.

“We were walking here (in the lot) and saw a guy lying on the pavement,” Team Wash employee Justin Trujillo told Denver7. “Then I saw this dude running towards the truck. I thought he was just going to go around it, but he jumped in.”

“We’re like, ‘Oh no.’ We ran up and threw the dude out,” Trujillo said. “He was tussling a little bit. We knocked him down, and he ran out into the street.”

“He was swinging some kind of pipe,” Trujillo said. “Once he was surrounded, he got down on his knees and put his hands up. We subdued him. He messed with the wrong truck.”

What’s fascinating is that Ukuni announced he desired to wipe out 3 people on Tuesday and went out to do that, and was sadly successful with one, yet not a solitary word of this horror has hit the Nazi News Media???????.

Maybe he’s a refugee or is Muslim, these facts are not known, but if nothing else, he’s just a mentally ill black guy and they are scared of inciting a race war. Inevitably, it doesn’t fit their plan and only demonstrates the derangement we have festering in America that President Trump has cautioned about which liberals made him sound insane for.



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