Anti-Trump Lawyer Goes Into Hiding After Her Sick Illegal Scheme To Take Out Trump Is Exposed

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Well, it looks like Gloria Allred, the big bad anti-Trump lawyer, just got some bad news. She is reportedly under a second bar investigation for alleged misconduct. If you don’t remember, Gloria Allred’s daughter Lisa Bloom helped defend disgraced D-list actress Kathy Griffin after she posed with a bloody severed head of President Trump.

Allred was a delegate for Hillary Clinton during the Presidential election, and she is also famous for representing women who were allegedly sexually harassed by Donald Trump. You may remember during the Presidential elections when numerous women came forward accusing Trump of sexual harassment in an attempt to derail Trump’s campaign. One of the women was Karena Virginia, a yoga instructor and life coach who held a press conference with feminist attorney Gloria Allred.

Virginia said she thought Trump’s actions were her fault because of the way she was dressed. But she said she felt it is “my duty as a woman, as a mother, a human being and as an American citizen to speak out and tell the truth.” (The deputy communications director of the Trump campaign, Jessica Ditto, called the allegation “fictional” in a press release and referred to Allred as a “discredited political operative.”)

Thankfully Trump navigated through this situation, but Allred was determined to take Trump out. Now some new information is coming forward confirming that the leftist lawyer is facing a second investigation for misconduct. With this new information, Jessica Ditto’s allegations calling Allred a “discredited political operative are all but confirmed.”

LawNewz reports: has confirmed that famed attorney Gloria Allred is the subject of a second bar investigation over allegations of misconduct. The latest probe, in Washington, D.C., appears to center around her handling of a local television weatherman’s discrimination case. As we reported in March, Allred is also facing an investigation by the State Bar of California for alleged legal malpractice surrounding the same case.

Kyle Hunter, the local television personality, hired Allred to sue CBS for allegedly discriminating against him in favor of younger, attractive female meteorologists. He contends she botched his legal case, and didn’t properly notify him that she was working with CBS to produce a legal drama inspired by her life — an obvious conflict of interest, he claims.

Kyle Hunter alleged that Gloria Allred and her associates failed to follow up and interview witnesses. In not doing so, she damaged his case against the media giant CBS. In the end, the courts ruled against Kyle Hunter, and he was forced to pay $800,000.

Of course, Allred denies she did anything wrong during the case, and the D.C. Disciplinary Counsel refused to admit whether or not there was an ongoing investigation. At the same time, CBS was conducting a Bio of Allred, so Hunter claims there was a conflict of interest during the case.

“Allred sandbagged her client to serve her personal pecuniary interests, her penchant for public fame, and to protect the malfeasance of her media allies. Allred needs to spend less time in front of a TV camera, and more time in an ethics library,” the court paperwork reads. The June lawsuit was filed by Robert Barnes, a California based attorney, who also contributes legal opinion pieces to

“Gloria Allred severely injured me and my family and refuses accountability. I am very pleased that The State Bar of California and the Washington D.C. Bar are taking their investigations into Ms. Allred very seriously. I applaud their professionalism and duty to the public’s protection,” Hunter told in a statement.

According to documents viewed by LawNewz, the D.C. Office of Disciplinary Counsel opened the investigation and has been investigating and gathering evidence since May.

“Anyone may file a complaint against any lawyer in any state or jurisdiction in which a lawyer is licensed. This complaint which Mr. Hunter filed with the Washington, D.C. bar some time ago is the same complaint that he filed with the California Bar. All Bars investigate all complaints against lawyers. This is routine and expected,” Allred said in a statement to
The writing is on the wall, and Allred looks like she will be facing some major consequences. This just proves how shady Democrats are and thanks to Wikileaks, it was revealed that Allred was not only a delegate for Clinton but also helped write propaganda for the Clinton campaign.
In conclusion, it looks like Allred is going down, and as the old saying goes you can run but you can’t hide.

H/T Gateway Pundit, Young Conservatives


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