Explosive Emails Leak To Media, Mayor Bill De Blasio’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’ Revealed

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is making the news quite frequently, but it’s never for reasons which are positive for his political career. Indeed, if he isn’t ditching his constituents to fly halfway around the world to protest President Donald Trump, he’s angering the entire police force who risk their lives to protect his city. Now, his “dirty little secret” has been exposed in several explosive emails which have leaked to the media.

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to hate him, Bill de Blasio is the kind of guy who threatens and bullies his staffers. In newly surfaced emails obtained by the New York Post, the ultra-liberal mayor comes off as “an imperious bully of a boss who threatens his underlings with dire punishment if they fail to meet his demands.”

“What do I need to get you guys to follow a direct order? Do you need to experience consequences?” de Blasio threatened staffers in one email. “I’m not raising this again: fix it, or I will [have] no choice but to find a way to penalize people. Not my preference, but I won’t have my instructions ignored,” he added.

Apparently, de Blasio blew up when his staff failed to “make sure phonetic versions of challenging words were included in his speeches and talking points.” While his definition of a “challenging word” is unclear, the fact that he has difficulty pronouncing anything in his own speeches certainly makes him look like a certified dumbass.

“This is literally the 100th time I am reminding you all that phonetic spellings require one syllable to be capitalized to indicate emphasis in pronunciation,” de Blasio wrote in one furious message on January 24, 2015. “I have no idea why you guys can’t get it. All of the folks in comms, speechwriting and my personal staff who looked at these remarks — it just takes ONE to catch it,” he continued.

“Guys, I’m fed up,” de Blasio fumed in a follow-up email on February 6, 2015, after he blundered delivering remarks in Spanish. “I have raised the problem of inconsistency in providing phonetic pronunciation and in providing clearly delineated Spanish (with emphasis on the proper syllable) many, many times,” he wrote. “And yet between all of you, you haven’t fix [sic] the problem, which is bluntly unprofessional.”

Of course, the clear solution to blundering Spanish words would be quit trying to speak a language which is not de Blasio’s native tongue, but he was apparently so intent on pandering to illegal voters that he would do no such thing.

The emails appear to be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the horrid way the mayor treats his staff, too.

A City Hall source told the Post that de Blasio’s emails reflect how he acts in meetings and that he has been known to kick staff members out of meetings. The source went on to say that he is “condescending” and “arrogant” with a micromanaging leadership style, in which he exhibits “no confidence” in those working for him.

“Part of it stems from the fact that he used to be [a political] operative, and he thinks he can outmaneuver his aides,” the source said. [Source: Washington Free Beacon]
Apparently, the police are not the only ones de Blasio treats like total crap. With his approval rating in the gutter, perhaps it’s time for the mayor to start working with his staff, instead of trying to “outmaneuver” them. Otherwise, he can kiss his political career goodbye.

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