Trump Warns Obama To ‘Get A Good Attorney’ After What His Investigators Just Found At WH

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President Donald Trump is warning Barack Obama to “get a good attorney” after what his team of investigators just found within the White House records. This definitely was something Obama was trying to hide, and he must be burning up the phone lines, calling his legal team and warning his cohorts. Trump’s senior adviser and attorney Jay Sekulow just dropped this bombshell, and this shocking evidence against Trump’s worst enemies will blow your mind.

President Trump has been under a bogus investigation thanks to the Democrats who appointed Robert Mueller as Special Counsel and that snake James Comey. Well, now it’s Mueller who is banging his head against a wall after what Trump’s team of investigators just found.

Trump attorney Jay Sekulow just revealed a huge problem for Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and the Clintons. We all remember the Lynch-Clinton tarmac meeting that Lynch said was a personal visit with Bill Clinton, where they discussed “grandkids.” With Hillary Clinton being under fire for her email server scandal at the time, we all knew that was a load of bullcrap, and Sekulow just discovered damning evidence that incriminates Lynch and Obama in a massive cover-up.

On the ACLJ website, Jay’s son Jordan Sekulow, who’s also an attorney, writes, “Our federal lawsuit against the DOJ bureaucracy over the secret meeting between former Attorney General Lynch and former President Clinton has already unearthed documents proving the FBI lied that it had ‘no’ documents, that the media was colluding with the Obama DOJ to bury the story, and that AG Lynch (AKA Elizabeth Carlisle) was using a secret email address to conduct official business. Now we’ve uncovered that the White House was involved.”

Jordan Sekulow goes on to point out, “So within 2 minutes of learning that the press had found out about the secret Clinton-Lynch meeting, senior DOJ officials knew they had a crisis on their hands.” Indeed they did, which means Comey was lying his butt off when he stepped in and exonerated Hillary in the email scandal, and obviously, this is what the tarmac meeting was about. Then, Sekulow has just found these incriminating emails which prove these rats were all colluding to cover it up, and it went straight to Obama’s desk as the emails prove. But, it gets worse.

Top Senior Democrat Dianne Feinstein is the head of the Senate Intel investigation going on right now, investigating Loretta Lynch’s tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton. So, who pops up on Sekulow’s radar in these emails? Yep, Dianne Feinstein, specifically Feinstein’s Deputy Counsel, Paige Herwig.

It’s a tangled web, but all you have to know is that this Paige Herwig, who now is Dianne Feinstein’s right-hand woman, was working for Loretta Lynch during this tarmac meeting, and she is the one who redacted all of Lynch’s emails to cover-up the real reason for the visit with Bill Clinton. Don’t you think this is something Feinstein knows too? Of course, Feinstein knows, yet she is pretending to investigate this matter when she knows all about the cover-up going straight to the former President Barack Obama.

Jay Sekulow was livid last night on Sean Hannity’s show, where he said, “The conflict of interest is astounding. Committee staff [Dianne Feinstein, Paige Herwig] who are supposedly investigating this [tarmac] situation were the same people creating the talking points [Loretta Lynch, Paige Herwig] – Obama loyalists investigating themselves.”

BUSTED!! Feinstein opted to look into
Loretta Lynch / Slick Willy Tarmac meeting b/c Lynch’s Senior Counsel is now Feinstein Deputy Counsel!
Sekulow hinted at what Trump’s reaction was, saying, “Yeah, Barack Obama better get a good attorney.” It’s not just Obama who needs a good attorney as it was also discovered that Lynch was forwarding the emails which plotted the cover-up to the FBI. The name is redacted, but everyone knows it’s former FBI Director James Comey.

Patriots are sick and tired of the crimes which we know Obama, Lynch, Comey, and the Clintons committed. It’s time the DOJ open a special counsel to investigate these matters. Heck, they are investigating Trump over nothing. Here, we have real crimes and real evidence, and all we need is for Jeff Sessions to open an investigation.

AG Sessions has zero conflict of interest here, so he can just go ahead and open an investigation, which he may have already done. Typically, DOJ investigations are secret matters. The only way to make these matters see the light of day is to keep exposing them. Obama and his crew think this will just wash away, but the tenacity of the American people for justice is great, and we’ve been waiting long enough.

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