The Difference Between Obama and Trump In 1 Incredible Viral Hurricane Picture

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The federal government declared a major disaster in Louisiana back in 2016 after rampant flooding left six people dead and more than 10,000 in shelters. More than 20,000 were rescued from flooding across southern Louisiana. However, that didn’t stop Barack Obama from golfing on Martha’s Vineyard.

In his place, Obama decided to send Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and went out to play another round of golf later in the day, the Washington Times reported.

It was his eighth round of golf since he arrived at the island August 6.

The storm has left 11 dead, 10,000 displaced, and 40,000 homes damaged since it began on Friday.

Breitbart previously reported that the historic flooding caused caskets to float out of cemeteries into the streets.

So while Obama failed to cancel his vacation and show the people of Louisiana he was someone they could count on, he instead showed what type of a man he was and sent someone else. Where was the mainstream media with the outrage? How can Donald Trump make all the right decisions yet still be treated as a villain, and the real villain Obama gets a free pass.
According to Conservative Media:

President Trump’s cabinet’s strengths have once again been put up for a test, as Hurricane Harvey slammed in all fury in Texas. The liberals may have wanted him to miserably fail at dealing with the tragedy, by the President has his eyes on the ultimate goal- keeping Americans safe, and support those affected by the Hurricane itself.

As Trump arrived in Texas for a development update, he proudly waved the Texas flag, giving a silent promise that everything will be alright.
While holding a small speech at Corpus Christi, Trump urged for unity and togetherness during these troubling times:

“We won’t say congratulations,” he spoke to the crowd. “We don’t want to do that, we don’t want to congratulate. We’ll congratulate each other when it’s all finished.”

“We love you. You are special. We are here to take care of you,” the president said.

“It happened in Texas, and Texas can handle anything,” Trump said.

One of Trump’s main tasks upon his arrival was to meet emergency teams ion the ground as well as political figures, such as Gov. Greg Abbott and Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn. Plus, he made the time to walk around the Texas Department of Public Safety Emergency Operations Center in Austin.

It is safe to say that Texas responded well at the President’s presence:
The current situation is far from resolved, but we trust President Trump to do everything in his power to bring serenity and composure back in the region.

The media also jumped all over Melania Trump for her shoe choice. That’s right, the media couldn’t find anything on the Trumps, so they found it necessary to make something up. But what about Michelle Obama’s trip to New Jersey when Superstorm Sandy struck? I will refresh your memory.

Action – not just mere words – is how Melania is using her position as the first lady to help the American people, something that we haven’t seen from the first lady in quite a long time. As liberals continued to mock Melania’s wardrobe choice after she arrived in Texas, bashing her for wearing a hat with the words “FLOTUS” on it, at least she was freaking there to help Americans in their time of need. Where the hell was Michelle Obama after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 that left 233 dead in one of the most catastrophic storms in United States history? Here’s a picture of Melania and Michelle following the storms…let’s compare:

Oh, that’s right, Michelle didn’t go to New Jersey to show her support for the American people. So please tell me… How can we treat our current First-Lady with such disrespect when she took the time out to show support to the victims in Texas while giving Michelle a free pass?

There is no comparison between the former administration and our current First Family. Donald Trump and Melania have shown how much this country means to them and we are fortunate to have a leader who cares the way he does. It is a complete reversal from the Obama years, and his actions in Texas have proven once again that he is a leader we can trust.

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