Trump’s Livid, Texas Hurricane Sufferers Screwed By ‘Illegal Alien Loving’ Liberal Judge

Written by JayWill7497

In San Antonio, Texas, Judge Orlando Garcia is making headlines after his rogue ruling that is affecting thousands of Hurrican Harvey victims. Judge Garcia took advantage of the mayhem surrounding the hurricane to ensure illegal aliens in Texas would have certain rights, and the outcome will spell catastrophe for Texas citizens in the flooded areas. President Donald Trump is furious, and you will be too when you learn what this “illegal alien loving” judge just did.

We all know about sanctuary cities, and the Texas law making sanctuary cities illegal, known as Senate Bill 4, had been championed by President Donald Trump’s administration and was set to take effect on September 1st. Judge Garcia made sure that law won’t be going into effect, and this will allow illegal aliens looting and committing crimes in the aftermath of the hurricane free rein in Texas. But, that’s not all.

According to Daily Mail, Texas Governor Greg Abbot was livid, stating, “Today’s decision makes Texas’ communities less safe. Because of this ruling, gang members and dangerous criminals, like those who have been released by the Travis County Sheriff, will be set free to prey upon our communities.”

Sanctuary cities are a huge problem, but when you add a natural disaster into the mix, you can imagine how this challenges law enforcement’s ability to identify American citizens from illegal aliens. Simply, thanks to Judge Garcia, it’s against the law for police officers to ask if someone is an illegal alien. Trump’s rightfully furious because he promised Americans the eradication of sanctuary cities.

“If for example, during a lawful stop an officer obtains information that the detained individual is undocumented, the officer may not arrest the individual or prolong the detention on this basis,” Judge Garcia wrote, adding that the questions “can only be in the course of a lawful detention … and regardless of (the) answer, you may not detain a person any longer after giving the answer. The person is free to go; you have to let them go and you may not hold them for ICE, but you may report the exchange to ICE.”

With a disaster of biblical proportions like Hurrican Harvey, law enforcement’s hands are tied to identify illegals from American citizens. Let’s make something clear, no one would deny saving lives, lives of any human being. That’s what these liberal nutjobs are implying as the reason to back Judge Garcia’s ruling, as if first responders would be qualifying who they are rescuing, but that’s nonsense and offensive.

When it comes to those committing crimes and the hard issue of housing and benefits, we should take care of Americans, first. Ilegal aliens should be deported back to their country of origin. Americans just can’t take care of the world. This may be seen as harsh and un-Christian during a disaster, but it’s the reality we face. Hard decisions must be made, and Trump’s biggest critics, those liberal losers in the Hollywood crowd, should follow in Trump’s footsteps and donate one million dollars – that would make some of these decisions a little easier.

Only a handful of celebrities have pledged any money. According to Fox News, most of the Hollywood crowd just posted, “Wishing you well Houston,” on social media and nothing more. What a bunch of hypocrites, bashing our president, being outraged at outlawing sanctuary cities, and all they can do is post something similar to what Cher just tweeted: “SENDING LOVE & PRAYERS TO ALL TEXANS Lived in Galveston & Toured State For 50yrs. MADE Silkwood In Dallas. HAVE LOVED ONES IN TEXAS.”

Cher needs to shut-up or pony up some cash. The hurricane victims aren’t looking at Twitter right now. What they are concerned with is putting their lives back together. Judge Garcia took advantage of the disaster to overturn the Trump-backed legislation on sanctuary cities, and this will lead to many more problems and complications than we can imagine. Shame on Judge Garcia and all those liberal loons who support him.

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