Trump’s Air Force One Just Made Urgent Detour On Way To Asia Today, Here’s Where He’s Heading Now

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White House CNN Correspondent Sara Murray asks General H.R. McMaster at the press briefing whether President Trump intends to meet with Vladimir Putin on his trip and whether statements the President made about the death penalty for New York Terror suspect will have any effect on the prosecution.

President Donald Trump just left on what’s intended to be his lengthiest overseas trip as Commander-in-Chief, as he was set to tour five countries over the next 11 days in Asia. Not long after Air Force One took off, the crew made an critical detour on the way to the Orient. Where the president is abruptly heading right now is sure to make liberals’ heads burst who were already critical of this trip, accusing him of “leaving his troubles behind,” when in truth he’s confronting them head-on.

Trump’s Asia trip has been planned for months and is an critical element of his presidency. He’s going there to take care of issues critical to America, which includes addressing the persistent problem festering in North Korea, in which he’s set to appear at Kim Jong-un’s doorstep and force him to stand down in his nuclear endeavours of developing a crisis. He’s not forgetting the problems in the homeland that the left is saying he’s running from as there are constantly challenges they create and bigger problems that need his consideration. It’s for this purpose that they are not going to be very joyful when they discover where the leader of the greatest nation in the world is going and what he projects to do despite of what liberals have to say about it.

The original trip was planned to be just ten days, but Trump chose to tack on an additional day to swing by the Philippines. Liberals are fundamentally laughing at this, saying that he’s is not capable of coming back to the U.S. with any accomplishment in this region. Nonetheless, that couldn’t be further from the truth as he demonstrated when he returned from the Middle East having accomplished more in a handful of days there than Barack Obama did in two terms. Nevertheless, he could also be heading for a surprise hook up with Russia’s Vladamir Putin which will certainly send liberals’ ongoing collusion controversy into overdrive. If this comes about as it’s rumored to, the timing is absolutely Trump’s awesome style as it would be a well-played move taking into consideration all the time Congress is presently squandering on this Russian rabbit hole. Likewise, before he even makes it overseas, he’s stopping in Hawaii for a briefing on U.S. military forces in the Pacific and a visit to Pearl Harbor.

The Daily Mail accounts:

Beset by challenges at home, President Donald Trump on Friday embarks on the longest trip to Asia by an American president in more than a quarter-century, looking for help to pressure to stand down from a nuclear crisis.

Trump’s tour of Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines from Friday to November 14 will take him out of Washington as is preoccupied with several issues.

These include an intensifying federal investigation into Russian meddling in last year’s election, New York‘s recovery from an attack that killed eight people and debate over a tax-cut plan that if approved by Congress would be his first major legislative victory.
Of the meeting with Putin, the Daily Mail explains:

Trump may meet Putin at the APEC summit, the Kremlin said on Friday, saying talks were underway about setting up such an encounter. Putin and Trump first met at a G20 summit in Hamburg in July when they discussed allegations of Russian meddling in the U.S. presidential election, but agreed to focus on better ties rather than litigating the past.

Relations between Moscow and Washington have soured further since, however. Trump in August grudgingly signed off on new sanctions against Russia, a move Moscow said ended hopes for better ties. Putin, dismayed by the sanctions, ordered Washington to more than halve its embassy and consular staff in Russia.

But when asked if Putin and Trump might meet at the summit taking place next week in Vietnam, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow did not rule out such a meeting.

“It (the meeting) is indeed being discussed,” Peskov told reporters on a conference call. “It’s hard to overestimate the importance and significance for all international matters of any contact between the presidents of Russia and the United States,” said Peskov.

Trump is also set to make history with this trip as no other president has spent as much time in Asia on one tour as he plans to, in the last 25 years.”The last time a U.S. president was in Asia for so long was in late 1991 and early 1992, when President George H.W. Bush became ill at a Japanese state dinner,” Mail Online pointed out. “Trump’s extended absence has alarmed some allies who, after seeing a healthcare reform bid fizzle, worry the tax effort could suffer without him at close hand to keep momentum going.”

“It is too long a trip and will only further hurt his most important priority, which is getting his legislative agenda through Congress,” an outside adviser to Trump

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  • …///Nonetheless, that couldn’t be further from the truth as he demonstrated when he returned from the Middle East having accomplished more in a handful of days there than Barack Obama did in two terms.\\\…

    Frankly, I would have to regard that statement as about as silly as saying Trump accomplished more in the Middle East than Hitler did in overrunning Europe or Japan did in overrunning the Pacific. People in the millions have had their lives shattered across the Middle East, and the security of the U.S. and the world in general has been gravely compromised–so I would say Obama accomplished a great deal. But then you have understand that Obama and the people behind him were just as much enemies of America and the free world as the Nazis and warlike wing of Shintoism, which it seems people have considerable trouble wrapping their minds around because the Obama administration weren’t people from abroad wearing enemy uniforms. Trump faces a staggering challenge in accomplishing enough to repair all the damage Obama and his minions did (a good step in that direction would be to fire General H.R. McMaster, who was from the old Obama crowd and purged the NSC of everyone who wasn’t anti-Trump, anti-Israel and pro-Iran and pro-Muslim Brotherhood).

    …///“It is too long a trip and will only further hurt his most important priority, which is getting his legislative agenda through Congress,” an outside adviser to Trump\\\…

    Again, I have to seriously differ.

    Trump’s No. 1 objective at this moment (and really should have been back on the campaign trail and the moment he was inaugurated) should have been: shatter the human trafficking rings which engage in selling body parts, imposing sex and work gang slavery, and imprisonment and murder of the elderly of by corrupt probate courts; bring down the Clinton Foundation and the long trail of Arkancides; expose FBI criminal complicity in cases like the attack on Pam Geller’s Texas conference and the murder of western land activist; attack the very obvious attempt to cover up what happened in Las Vegas; find out whether the extent of the recent deadly California wildfires and Agenda 21’s master plan for depopulating the rural areas there happen to coincide, expose the peril of the climate geoengineering chemtrails, the criminal international banking syndicates, etc., etc. Exposing the full depth and depravity which the DNC, Republican establishment, and enemedia has been protecting is the only way I can think of for Trump to shatter the illusions of the millennials and the ranks of decent well-meaning people still remaining in the Democrat Party, which would destroy the Left for good. Otherwise, Trump’s policy triumphs are going to go the way of Calvin Coolidge’s and Ronald Reagan’s accomplishments, which were significantly undone once the establishment seized control again because Coolidge and Reagan were careless enough to allow the likes of Hoover and Bush to hang around their administrations to cement their undermining influence (and neither Coolidge or Reagan aroused the hatred of the establishment the way Trump has). If Trump wants a real legacy, he’s going to have to shatter that establishment and have his administration filled only with Tea Party supporters–otherwise he’s just building sand castles to be swept away by the next lefty tide to come in.