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Nibiru, Planet X, The Destroyer, Apocalypse, Global Flood, Get The Real Story While You Still Can!

The orbital cycle of Planet X or Nibiru may be changed from each passage into our solar system. This happens when it passes close to the sun. The gravitational forces of our sun is of such gravity that it can change the orbital paths of objects getting close enough to its proximity. This same gravitational force in outer space changes paths of comets recurrently. Past orbits of Planet X or Nibiru may therefor have been of differing durations.

The future is fluent, but in the time-line in which Nibiru passes near Earth, and guessing Nibiru’ s acceleration and trajectory are not altered, the following might occur:

Earth changes will become too obvious to ignore as being out of the ordinary, as Nibiru continues its trajectory. The changes will continue to increase until they reach their cataclysmic peak when Nibiru will be closest to Earth around the 2013-2024 time frame. Nibiru is believed to reach the zenith of its orbit around our Sun in 2019 and then will return in Earth’s direction before finally heading away in 2022 or 2023 (the time-line may of course be wrong); Earth changes will continue through this cycle, being strongest once a year when Nibiru approach closer to Earth in its orbit around the Sun.

Nibiru will cause even greater earthquakes, more volcanic eruptions, rising sea levels, high winds, dust storms and torrential rains causing great flooding. There will be a polar wobbling, a magnetic pole reversal and a pole shift that will place the North and South Poles on what is now the Equator. The pole shift will occur over a period of several months. As Nibiru passes, its tail will rain asteroids onto the Earth and will heat and change Earth’s atmosphere. Dust in the air will completely blot out the Sun for six months, conceivably leading to an ice age.

The government, which expects Nibiru to arrive, has been preparing D.U.M.B. ( deep underground military bases ) for themselves. They have lists of people they will invite to go with them, the main precedent for such people is being that they are compliant. As Nibiru approaches the government will tell the public multifarious lies about what Nibiru is and why it is not a issue.

One of their stories is that Nibiru is a hoax and that no Planet X exist. However, earth changes will continue to increase but the government will blame this on the Sun. This solar eruption in or around 2014 or later may cause the loss of all the earth’s electronics. If this solar storm occurs it will be the cause of great earthquakes and super storms blustering all around the globe.

The Sun’s effect on earth’s weather, and earth’s crust movement (crust movement=preliminary caused by the Sun’s magnetic force affecting or influencing earth’s magnetic core and thus triggering earthquakes, (may also be affected by an approaching body or star)), are more serious than scientist’s even want to fathom! This fact will be hard to deny and will be experienced firsthand by the inhabitants of Earth as we now move closer to the end date. Astronomers who have access to evidence about Nibiru will be daunted or otherwise silenced. All who are living in these times must chose to be living on the right path and strive for the spiritual growth that is possible, and in order to gain that growth the challenges must be embraced and not run away from.

What’s the orbital time of Planet X this time around? When will it draw near Earth?
As the geological evidence proposes (which I have looked at), Planet X orbital path, if counted from its last passage (the Jewish Exodus 1628-1,446 B.C.) until its approximated approach (by 2013-2020 A.D.), is around 3600 years.

Hopefully the reader can see from what little we have covered of the secular side of Planet X that it demands further consideration, if not merely because it is a potential threat to your way of life.  However, when we hear about dangers like this, we have to be careful to watch our reaction.  Some choose to disbelieve and ignore things that they do not want to accept because they are so horrible.  Sometimes we react to bad news not in disbelief of its reality, but in disbelief that we can do anything about it, also resulting in complacency.  But if you have read this far, you are one of the lucky few to have heard about Planet X early enough to do something to prepare for it.  Do not waste that knowledge.

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Be AWARE and be PREPARED, FEAR is not an option. Be safe everyone…

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