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Though I am not religious myself and do not see the logic in being a religious person, I only believe that religious hierarchy should be removed (The Vatican for example). If we tell people what they are to believe (or not to believe) we become the very people we am trying to remove. As far as the American Government is concerned, I hope one of you has read Brain K Vaughan’s Y: The Last Man. Basically an unknown virus kills all men and there is a mad power scramble for the White House, as the only politicians left are those from less powerful areas of Congress. If one were to remove only the more powerful half of Congress there would be a power struggle, however, the Government would still find a way to restructure and continue to be the force we want to remove. If anything, they would be more powerful than before. To quote SoldierBoy, after a significant “terrorist” attack the government would have the peoples’ backing to do whatever they wanted, whether it is a new more radical foreign policy or something that resembles “Patriot Act 2″.
Every system has a weak link and the American and other World Governments lies in their power to enforce. They can pass whatever harmful bills they want but it is not them who enforce it. Here in lies there weak link. I do not think that Government necessarily need be destroyed only its power. For example, about 56% of Americans in a recent poll favored the legalization of marijuana, but will the Government change its stance? Mayby. But we as the majority have the power to change that. If everyone were seen to be smoking pot in front of the Police or Government officials, they couldn’t lock us all up and to protect their crime statistics I wouldn’t be surprised if it were magically legalized soon after. It would be far easy to remove the power of a government than to remove the government first of all. Once they have lost their power the removal would be rather simple (and necessary to an extent so that they don’t come out with their “TRUTH”.
Sabotaging the media would be simple again, but it leaves a difficult decision, destroy its broadcasting network or hijack it. If we controlled this network we could show the people the TRUTH however, it would be rather difficult to keep hold of.
Targeting executives might not be the best idea as you are only cutting the head of a snake. Even with out a Board of Directors corporations can operate perfectly fine. Again, we must look for the weak link. Their weak links would be demand and supply. If no one where to demand their products they would fall, and if they could not supply to meet demand they would fall again. So, as the majority, if we stopped buying unnecessary goods on a whole that would start to minimize the effect of these companies and if you were to take their factors of production they would really feel the effects. The one factor of production that all corporations need? Capital. Whether it is in the form of cash or equipment it is their life blood. Their money is mostly borrowed from or kept in banks, and here in lies their weakest link. Banks. I would ask that if you are not aware of the Northern Rock incident that you read it now. When the financial crisis hit, Northern Rock publicly asked the Bank of England for aid in repaying its loans. When the public heard of this, they all demanded their individual savings of the bank. The bank collapsed when it couldn’t satisfy its customers’ withdrawals. However, what most forget is that if on any given day all the customers of a bank demanded their money, no bank could fulfill that request. So this is my proposal, creating a new banking crisis. This would not be difficult now that the world is so money conscious, and with Social Media such as Twitter rumors can escalate very quickly. Tell the people that their deposits are threatened unless they withdraw now (from every bank) the banks, and the corporations they service, are crippled.
To finish I quote one Henry Ford: “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”.

Published on Dec 13, 2013


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